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Knowing about knives isn't always helpful...

Oct 15, 1998
Hi Guys,
This Christmas, my mother got my father a Gerber multitool pack with a small small lockback knife and a Gerber multitool. When she first showed it too me (several days before Christmas) my first instinct was to search for flaws in both the knife and the multitool. I began to rattle of specs on a SOG, this being many times better than the Gerber before me. Luckily, I realized what I was doing before I received a shoe up the arse. When my father opened his present on Christmas day, he was happy, but I knew there was a better product out there with less chance of falling apart than what he held in his hand and at a price that would not be much over what his cost. Then tonight, my older brother came over to watch the Alamo Bowl with me (GO K-STATE!!!) and he had picked up a multitool at Wal-mart (brand unknown). Again I automatically began the search for flaws. This time, however, I held my tounge and gave it back to him without comment. I'm not dogging on Gerber (my first knife ever was a Gerber) and I'm not saying these tools will not complete the tasks put before them, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem other than me. Has you knife knowledge ever compelled you to comment on a knife carried by someone of higher rank or respect than you? Thanks, guys.

J.P. Gassmann

CAKE Rules!
If someone wants to show me their knife I will probably let them know what I think of it.
It depends on the person and the purpose of the knife. Of course if they ask my opinion of it, they shall get it.

I usually just try to accentuate the positive aspects of whatever knife it is. There usually are some on any knife.

I will make a point when I think the knife is unsafe, but other than that, if someone is happy with their knife, I am not going to try to spoil it, even if it isn't the best cutting tool. I just try to encourage them in the hobby and they will learn better features as they go along.

My 2 cents...


PS Cake DOES rule.

Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
Sometimes what you do not say about a knife "Custom" or "Factory" is just as important as what you say, but maybe that only works around fellow knife nuts.
Back when I worked in a tool department, an older guy came in looking for a diamond knife sharpener, little plastic deal you can put in your pocket. I showed him the one we had, he paid for it, then sharpened his knife on it...felt the blade...held it up to me and said "See how sharp this is now!"
I took the knife and ran it down my arm, thinking if it was sharp it would shave.
The guy left with a dejected look on his face , and never asked me about anything for a knife again.


Mouse Assassins inc.

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When someone shows me his knife and it is not up to my standards for a good knife I try not to hurt his feelings. After all, he likes his knife and is proud of it. That means pointing out the good things at the knife 8maybe it IS sharp). After that I show the guy the knives I carry at this day. Usually there is a little difference in quality. Then they see what's a REALLY good knife and that there are a few differences between a SAK or a "lost" German Army folder and a custom or high end production knife. Over the years I "converted " a lot of guys & girls who are now proud owners of good to excellent knives.
The only ones I don't like are those who act as THEY are real experts and know all and others are stupid and their thingies are scrap. It's fun to make those guys look like fools in front of others.
Happy 1998 to you and your families !
Be careful there, Lads. "What goes around comes around."
Have a happy and safe New Year.