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Korth Samurai IKBS Framelock

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Mar 21, 2005
For Sale: Korth Samurai Titanium Framelock with IKBS

Trade pending

I really like this knife and don’t know where I’d find another one but, as they say, steel comes in and steel goes out.

This is a Korth Samurai framelock. Handle is anodized titanium; the blade is 3” of S30V with a slight recurve. The knife has been carried and lightly used and is in excellent condition. The action with the IKBS pivot is very fast. The detent is strong, but once overcome the blade flies open easily.

The titanium has a texture to it, not an orange peel finish but more like a graining. The texture on the clip is the same as the handle, but the anodizing on the clip has more colors to it.

There are some scratches on the front side of the blade that were on the knife when I received it. One goes through vertically the S in the IKBS marking. One goes horizontally along the edge of the top grind, and there is a group of some smaller scratches in the flat between the two grinds. These areas are highlighted in the attached pictures.

The blade is not centered when closed (like the scratches, this condition was present on the knife when I received it) but it does not hinder the operation of the knife.

The knife is drilled for tip up and tip down carry. However, because of the proximity of the holes to the pivot screw the clip does not sit flush against the frame and cannot, in my opinion, be fastened securely enough to the frame to carry the knife tip down. There are no issues for the clip in the tip up position.

Also, the top edge is not sharpened.

I think that covers everything of note. I have tried my best to illustrate the above points with the attached pictures, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Price is Trade pending

Trades considered (+ or – cash if needed) for a Chris Reeve Mnandi or for certain Shane Sibert fixed blade models (Flash, LUK or Free Radical Type 2)

You can reach me by PM or by email. Email address is orangeman2000 [at] mindspring [dot] com, and please be sure to include your forum name if you send an email.

Please note the following terms…

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~ Shipping: Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance

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~ Other: I reserve the right not to sell to someone if they are not a registered forum member or if I do not feel it’s a safe/legitimate transaction.

Thanks for looking.
One more bump, this is the last price drop. Now $275 shipped. I don't know where you'll find an IKBS knife for less.