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Krein TK11 Warncliffe, Blue Twill G10 and A2


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Nov 28, 1999

The TK11 Warncliffe is Bos heat treated A2 with Blue Twill G10(somebody buy this quickly, before I come to my senses and change my mind!). Near mint condition; meaning I carried it around a little bit and opened my mail with it, etc... Edge might've been swiped on a fine diamond stone a few times, but you'd have to look pretty close to notice. Blade is a bit under 3", with an overall length of close to 7". Anyway, it's one of the sharpest, coolest, handiest knives you're likely to find. Comes with Tom's awesome kydex sheath, set up for neck carry(not sure what happened to the techlock; if it even came with one). $250 shipped to any U.S. address via USPS Priority Mail, insured. Outside the U.S., actual shipping charges apply. Paypal works(as do money orders), but I ask that the buyer split all Paypal fees with me.

The actual knife is the top one in this borrowed pic.


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