La Griffe/Black Cloud PBC comparison


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Sep 15, 1999
Would anyone offer a comparative analysis between La Griffe and Black Cloud Phillipine Box Cutter (PBC) in terms of ease of carry, function, etc.?
While I don't own an Emerson La Griffe, I do own a PBC and hope I can offer you some useful info here. The PBC, w/ regards to ease of carry is very awkward. Mayer recommends making a short loop for you to thread your belt through, much like a JSP static cord system. It is not suitable for neck carry, b/c the double edge has a great chance of cutting you on the draw. Ditto for IWB carry. I'm actually looking for kydex so I can make a horizontal SOB sheath. For usefuleness (in a self defense situation, of course), it is excellent. In reverse grip, it is a consumate trapper and hooker. In fact, Mayer said it's use is much like a kerambit. Definitely defense-oriented, it is a great weapon for shredding your opponent's limbs or simply deterring any further static anyone decides to throw you. Grip retention is just as good as the La Griffe b/c of the hole, and since I prefer the reverse grip for the PBC, holding it is very secure b/c your index finger's in the hole as opposed to holding it in saber, where your pinky's in it. Hope this helps so far.
Thrawn hit it right on the head. I, too, have a PBC, and I use mine as a checkbook knife. Fits perfectly in the inside flap of my checkbook!
First off, no disrespect to Thrawn but let me just say up front that the La Griffe is a Fred Perrin design and that Emerson is paying royalties to Fred on the income derived from his production version.

The Griffe is an extremely portable knife either by neck carry or in pocket.

It is so light as to be barely noticed, but it has a good serviceable cutting edge that can be relied upon when needed.

I carry one of three Perrin knives regularly and they are great. Sharpen up easily too when needed.

Highly recommended. Like the others have mentioned, the PBC appears to be less conducive to carrying (safely) in the same manner.

I highly recommend the original Griffe made by Fred himself.

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Hey Blues, no disrespect taken, I already knew Emerson paid royalties to Perrin b/c of the design. I just thought that I saw "Emerson" prefixed to the La Griffe. Oops!
Anyway, Blues is right, I'd go for the La Griffe when it comes to ease of carry. The PBC is pretty awkward in the carry department, but damn, three edges! Surely, though, the PBC's more legal non-congruent than the La Griffe. So I don't know, thanks to Blues, you've got two different POVs, and it really depends on what you're looking for. I can tell you this, though, if you don't like the PBC's sheath, get some kydex and make a different on yourself or ask Chiro75 to think one up for you, b/c I guarantee you won't be disappointed w/ the PBC's potential. Oh yeah, the La Griffe's a good knife, too.
Just a joke, Blues, please don't hurt me!
Something you perharps don't know is that Allen Elishewitz and Fred Perrin and Laci and Ernest were chating aournd a coffee a draw the PBC... together !



Really?!? Is that why the ring's on the PBC? Man, that would be a cool conversation to sit in on.
Yes really.

Next week end it will be the Paris knife show. Other chats will be happening !

FYI, Allen gave the design for the BCK PBC to Laci, who gave it to me to make. We were not all together talking about it. Fred and Laci are great friends, so there is a lot of info sharing there. Fred is, IMHO, one of the best and most creative combat martial artists I have met.
Oh great, Ernest, you're here, I've got some questions for you:

1) Is your new website up?
2) Got anything new that's like the PBC?
3) Ever going to make a Kerambit?

Nice to see you here ! I have tried many time to contact you on your site.

I got that story from Fred's mouth... almost one year ago,
but now he can "edulcorate" the Legend and was drinkin a coffee with Laci, Allen but not with you, that day.
The cast was good anyway.



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