Laguiole folding/pocket knives

Jun 17, 1999


I, since last summer, have developed a fondness for Laguiole folding/pocket knives.

I had the good fortune to tour France's Montpollier area, hence I made a slight detour for the township of Laguiole.

I was downright astonished at the vast array of assortment of models, compared to my previously held in high esteem Swiss Victorinox, of these quality hand made knives.

I, needless to say, chose to purchase several (all, except one, ended up being gifts for friends).

I, sadly so, recently misplaced the one Laguiole folding/pocket knife I had choosen for myself. I was, therefor, hoping that some kind soul on this forum might have info for me as to how I might frugally purchase a replacement.

I, mind you, still enjoy/like my Swiss Victorinox knife collection, yet I very much so wish to build one up of Laguioles.

So, that having been said, I'd very much appreciate any and all info pertaining to Laguiole folding/pocket knives (i.e., US distributors, models, makes, prices).

I thank one and all in advance for your troubles and hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks a bunch!

Michael C. Swiney


There are several sites that offer Laguiole knives. Just go to Alta Vista or some such and do a search for Laguiole.

The <a href="">Toolshop</a> seems to have a good stock of Laguiole knives. Their prices should be better (I found them so for Wegner SAK's) and their service is excellent.

Take care,

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