Laguiole Pocket/Folding knives!

Jun 17, 1999


I had the good fortune of touring France extensively, along with my German girlfriend, last summer.

We, at one point or another, found ourselves in the Montpellier area, hence (on a whim) we dicided to visit the township of Laguiole.

I, being the avid quality pocket knife collector that I am, took an instant liking to these wonderful hand made knives (prior to I was mainly into Swiss Victorinox).

I purchased a beautifully fashioned stag pocket knife (knife blade only) for myself and an intricate multi wood one for Isabel.
Additionally, I also bought a few more knives for friends and family.

Alas I recently seem to have misplaced the Laguiole knife I had bought for myself, hence I am on a mission to replace it while building up a collection more of the same.

It appears that relative few retailers here in the US stock Laguiole knives. Whats more those that do do not have much of a selection (plus their wares have a hideous markup).

I was hoping that some kind soul on this forum would be so kind as to supply me with more info (i.e., US suppliers, retailers, models/makes, prices) on these fine knives.

I thank you in advance for your help, one and all, and am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks a bunch!

Michael C. Swiney



I kind of like the looks of those French folders. The corkscrew addition would make a classy knife to impress a babe on a picnic. But, I'm married

Anyway, cove has some of those knives on their website:

Their main page is: /

What is the quality of these knives. Could you elaborate a little more about what you like about them.



I was searching for some info on Laguiole pocket knives and ran across the discussion threads here.
I've recently become interested in finding a fine quality pocket knife and found a site selling the Laguioles ( at what seems like pretty reasonable prices, although a limited selection of models. They're in Canada and the most expensive knife, including shipping, is $58.00 US. They also state that these knives are 'Blade forged from Swedish "Sandvick" stainless steel 12C27. The best steel available today to retain a cutting edge and make sharpening easier.' instead of the 440 SS I've seen elsewhere. The site talks about the 440 steel and has much higher prices, $140.00+; any thoughts on this discrepancy???
I'm not a collector - yet. I'm just interested in picking up something of quality, with a little style, for basic utility.

Thanks, Don
You'll find some at Atlanta Cutlery
( Limited choice but not very expensive.

Hi Mcswiney,

Boker in Germany has not many but some very nice Models, go look for yourself at you can even chose for an US site of them.

If you don't mind not understanding the German you could immediately go to :

There you can see some simple elegant beauties. If you would liek some assistance I could get one of them for you and you could "pay" me with the same amount of US products.
News-flash: The US site of Boker doesn't seem have the Laguiole knives

Cheers, Bagheera


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I handled a couple of Lguiole folders at Plaza Cutlery in SoCal. Not quite thumbnail breaking to open but very tight. Pretty though. They're in Costa Mesa, CA. Maybe they can help if you're inclined to call.