Lamey Concealment Bowie

Dec 20, 1998
Today I got my Lamey Concealment Bowie as seen here:

This knife has to be held to truly be appreciated.The forged,satin finished blade leaps to life and the whole thing seems weightless in the hand.Grind lines are crisp and even and the way the guard transitions into the handle is very sexy.For now my new lady is resting comfortably in my knife box but as soon as the Ken Rowe sheath arrives I`ll be taking her out for a road test.Matt is a gentleman and was very tolerant of my pestering as this is the first knife I have ordered directly from it`s maker and my level of excitement and anticipation was running quite high.Anyone thinking of adding a custom Bowie to their collection would do well to contact Matt.
Sweet buy!

I'm trying to decide what I'd like to order from him, but it's tough to choose just one.

I have the Concealment Bowie pictured on Matt's website ( It too is an awesome blade and, like you, I'm just waiting for the Rowe sheath so I can take it out in public. Matt is a great maker to deal with!

It's not easy being always on edge.

Doc Jekyll
Great looking knife. I'm in love with the Lamey Natchez Trace Bowie. Why does a forged blade have grind lines?

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Matt would be the one to answer this but from my understanding the blade is forged to a dimension close to the final shape and then ground.The Bowie I have is flat ground with a top swedge ground on the clip.
Thanks Carver. May your carvings all be the Thanksgiving type.

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