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Lamey Sunrise Fighter

Oct 28, 1999
A few weeks ago I received my Lamey Sunrise fighter. Mine has an 8" O1 blade and black canvas micarta grip with stainless fittings. It is the actual knife pictured on Matt's website www.lameyknives.com , atop the Robarm M96 rifle.

All I can say is "WOW"....great craftmanship and a tremendous design. The knife is a pure fighter with its needle-like tip. Matt gave this knife plenty of room in the grip to adjust your hold and made it comfortable to boot. I got mine with the Kydex lined leather Kenny Rowe sheath. It is a very thin sheath and makes a large knife like this very concealable. Combined together with the light weight of the knife itself, it makes the entire package a great combo.

Matt delivers the knives razor sharp and the have a temendous geometry so the will stay that way with just a little sharpening skill.

His prices are super low for the quality you get. My inclination is to say that you had better order from him soon before he gets REAL BIG. And to boot, he is also a super nice guy too!!!

IMHO I think Matt Lamey is one of the best young knife makers in the country. His attention to detail, blade geometry and of course his handles makes his affordable knives one of the best deals in the country.

Not only that, but Matt is all class. He was the one I thought of to make my son's first custom knives and he has just finished them in timie for Christmas. They are going to be floored when they get them on Dec 25! Maybe they will trade 'em to their old dad.....lol.

I hope you enjoy those beautiful sunrises you will see daily.