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Lansky Diamond no gem

Jul 26, 1999
OK, all you "stoners" out there please refrain from gloating. I have been satisfyingly (is that a real word?) using a Loray sharpening setup for many years. So when I saw a Lansky Diamond system for sale I bit. It came with xtra coarse, coarse, medium, and fine stones. My complaint is the stones. Everyone of them is inconsistent. The extra coarse and coarse have patchs of 1/100 carat that really gouge the edge you're working on. OK for rough work like a lawnmower. I also had to take a screwdriver and knock off about 5 chunks on the medium and fine stones. Still doesn't sharpen well. By the way, the fine stone is about twice as coarse as the diamond file on a Leatherman Wave. Bah. I feel like a goober. I'll stick to the Loray with its "normal" stones and use the Lansky for real rough work and angle changing.

Odd, but I've never had even an ounce of trouble out of my Lansky sets.
I started out with the regular stones and bought the Diamond set later on.
I can get incredible edges on all of my knives with them.
I have also never noted the surface irregularities you mention.
Perhaps this is a warranty issue.
I would contact Lansky and let them have a chance to make it right for you.
Please let us know what you decide to do.
Just my 2 cents...


You are right. This set was too expensive to let slide. The defects are easy to feel with a finger.
I encountered the exact same problems with the Lansky diamond system. Each one has high spots on it and each is far coarser than it should be. The "fine" one dragged lightly across steel leaves a rough surface. Rubbing them together helped to grind off the high spots, but this sharpener will never be used for anything but rough tool jobs (machetes and axes) or regrind an edge angle.
I think that you must have a set of bad stones. My lansky diamond stones work well between the four stages. The set came in a cheapo plastic case and is probably overpriced but it serves well to sharpen even the hardest blades to a razor edge
I have a board with a all my Lansky stuff mounted so I can sit in my recliner and sharpen. (bad legs) This must be some bad stones, my diamond set is OK. It is suited better for rougher work, but no gouges. I would contact Lansky. I use both sets and even have some extra stones. I would like Lansky to come out with a more suitable clamp for large blades. MTF3
I really like the Lanskey set. Usually only use it on a new knife where I want to thin the edge, or a knife that if real dull and needs the edge angle put on.

I did get a course diamand stone that felt too smooth and didnt cut well. Sent it to Lanskey and they promply sent me a new course diamond that really cuts.