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Large Ritter Grip 552-400

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Oct 22, 2017

Link to more pictures: https://imgur.com/a/386RMD5

Benchmade Griptilian, Ritter, 552-400, S30V, $4,000
Recently back from spa, comes with spa write up. Have not used it since it came back. Fresh edge from factory. Centering favors clip side ever so slightly, see pics, action and lock up are great. Very minor marks on scales. Have baggie. Will come in spa box.

READ ALL. It’s a lot of info, but it will save time for both of us if you read.

See descriptions. I try to over disclose and provide accurate pictures but if you have any hesitation or questions, ask. I am only human and may overlook or forget something.

Review all pics. I was fighting lighting, and I am obviously not a photographer. If you need a different pic, let me know.

If you have questions, ask. PM works best.

Payment will be via Google Pay or PP FF. If you need to do PPGS add fees. Prompt payment is expected.

Prices stated are shipped in the US. US shipping only. I ship same or next possible day.

Prices firm. Low ballers will be ignored. Won't deal with you if you have negative feedback.

I will only sell/ship to places where it is legal to own what you are purchasing. If I can’t verify whether something is legal where you are, you don’t get it. Know your laws. Gray areas mean no.

Generally (as in always in the past) the first to say “I’ll take it” gets it, but I reserve the right to sell to who I wish. Post you will take it in the thread and follow up by PM.

Thanks for looking!
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