Large vs. Small Folders: Relative Strengths

Feb 18, 1999
It seems that, although larger folders in general are more suited to heavier use that most smaller or medium-sized versions, that often the larger folders are more prone to loosening at the pivot point.

I am referring mostly to lockbacks and linerlocks. Is it because the greater weight/length of the blade relative to the pivot? I've experienced this on both Zytel and G-10 handled folders. Usually, it seems that especially the mid-sized versions seem to stay more solid, or tighter at the pivot.

Does anyone have an opinion on this, and perhaps found the same or the opposite?
Biggest folder I have is a large Sebenza, 3.5" blade, 4.75" handle -- for me, this is *really* big. As the mantra goes, the Sebenza seems to take punishment w/little or no signs of wear.

That said, I finally made the leap yrs ago to shell out cash for a good folder bc the Gerber EZ-Outs, etc, loosened or even broke in just months. Bigger folders undoubtedly see harder use, but my guess is that the loosening problem has to do more w/the quality of a knife's construction. Zytel is softer than G10, but both will loosen if the pivot pin is poor or avg. But many of the better companies will replace a knife that eventually fails under normal use, no?

Maybe Spydie Military fans can chime in on their experiences?


(PS But for folks who really want/need a 4"+ blade, why not go w/a fixed blade? No problem w/loosening, then...)

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