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Las Vegas Classic Knife Show

Oct 5, 1998
If anyone is planning to go and would like a coupon worth $2.00 off - email me and I'll send you one. They sent me ten in my exhibitor package.

The dates and location are:

Feb 5 4-9
Feb 6 9-5
Feb 7 9-3

Palace Station Hotel and Casino,
2411 West Sahara Ave.
I15 and Sahara & Rancho

Matt Harildstad
Matt -
Thanks for the offer of the discount ticket, but I've already got one, thanks.
Took a look at your site. You seem to have some very practical, low-hype knives. I particularly like your ATS-34 kitchen knives, and hope you bring a good selection of them to the Classic show. Do you have a booth assignment yet, or do you know where I could get a show vendor diagram?


They did not send me an assignment, so I assume that the assignments and map (if there is one) will be handed out at the door. Yes, I am currently planning on having a couple of paring knives and a chinese-style cleaver there.

The paring knives will be 440C, but the cleaver will be ATS34. I worry about kitchen knives laying in the sink, or taking trips through the dishwasher, so I prefer using 440C. A properly made and heat treated 440C knife is so much better than any factory stainless knife that I think it's generally worth getting the extra stain resistance.

To close to the Shot Show. To bad too.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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