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Jun 16, 1999
Seeing as I'm new to knife collecting, I was wondering if anyone could offer insight as to the laws on carrying knives. If it's a local or state thing, I'm in Gainesville, Florida (just in case any locals are on here and know the law). If I'm barking up the wrong tree and actually have to do some research, let me know

Hey...welcome to the forum. Nice to know there are others here in G'ville.

As far as Florida law goes, just do a search for Florida knife laws. There's at least one thread in the past couple of weeks that covered Florida law specifically.

JP Bullivant
So you're a local, eh? Any knife shops around here you'd recommend I try out, or do you mostly shop through the internet/shows? Thanks,

The cool thing about Florida is the sombodyersomethingerother act which unifies all weapons laws. In other words, there are no local ordinances. No legitimate ones anyway.

Basicaly, you can carry a "common pocket knife" without a concealed weapons permit. Anything you want if you've got a permit. Being Florida is a shall-issue state, a permit is easy to get, if you're a goodguy. I keep meaning to get mine, but haven't gotten around to it.

You can carry any old knife you want if you are on your way to or from, or engaged in, a legal act of hunting or fishing.

Just don't abuse it. You know, like carrying a fishing pole in one hand and a bowie in the other everywhere you go. That law was written and is interpretted to allow people who are legitimately engaged inthose activities to go about their buisness unmolested.

Florida's cool about pocket knives. I've been arrested carrying one. Since I hadn't used it for anything naughty, it was simply inventoried and released when I was. Of course, this depends on where you are, some people are just jerks. Oh yeah, and all federal laws apply. Pocket knives in post offices are technicaly a no-go, but I've never heard of anyone getting grief for it.

Don't mess with autos. The laws are so weird it's just not worth it. You'll find they're easy to buy at gun and knife shows. Just make sure you leave them in the box and bring them straight home and leave them there. In stores, the general concensus is that all you need to buy one is a concealed carry permit or military I.D. I feel that's actualy a little dubious actualy, after reading the laws myself.

Oh yeah, and if it's in your car in a box, it's being transported and won't get you in trouble. I travel a lot, and always bring my Project 1 in my backpack. I have a small padlock I put on the zippers so the bag is not readily openable. I've been stopped and searched, but they've never confiscated the knife. The whole "3 steps to access the weapon" deal(the lock, the zipper, the sheath itself. works for guns too).
If you're in Florida and don't want to have to sweat weapons laws of ANY sort, get a CCW permit and be done with it.

In California, I've got to absolutely *insane* lengths to score CCW.
I've sued my local PD Chief, my city, my county and my Sheriff. Be glad you're not HERE, and go get the dang permit

Jim March
Webmaster, Equal Rights for CCW Home Page
Just for comparison purposes for you guys.

British Columbia, Canada allows 4" max blade length for concealed carry, fill your boots for non concealed.

However we have a nifty law call "Possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace" which can be interperated to mean ANYTHING you use as a weapon or COULD use as a weapon. (baseball bat, hockey stick, screwdriver, hammer, etc, etc, etc)

This charge is used only (usually) if you use the item as a weapon or threaten to use it as such. Or if you have pissed off the local cop and he has nothing else to hit you with.