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Leather Care

Dec 7, 2010
After awhile of searching the SaddleBack forum I was surprised to see no one has created a Thread devoted to Leather Care.

I thought it would be great to have one thread where we can discuss what we use to condition and clean leather (any leather products). I will make a list on this post of everyone's suggestions.

So please feel free to post what you use to condition and clean your leather.

Yes I would love some ideals here. I want to clean the stacked leather washers on my Ka-Bars. Was looking at the MaQuires and Mothers leather cleaner and conditioners at Wal-Mart in the auto section. I dont have many options of places to look and thought automotive stuff might be a first place to look
I use a small leather wax from Timberland. When one talks of leather care, it is also important to understand what it means - with use and due to extreme climate, leather loses the oils it has. This can lead to flaking, and all leather care products attempt to put back this oil. Saddleback uses top grain, and it is extremely durable, so care is required typically once an year. Also remember to not over apply, the leather pores should not be clogged with wax and oils! :) There are specialty "milks" available, if you'd want to get fancy, else a greasy palm with cooking oil will also work to condition. Remember, less is more.
Alright good; have to posts so far, keep it coming.

I just used Chamberlain's Leather Milk on my Medium bi fold wallet a few minutes ago. It looks really good so far and most of the scratches are gone. I was really hoping for that due to some stretch marks my wallet developed the day I got it. Over time they got worse and worse; hopefully after it dries they will still look good.
I use Fiebing's All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner for my smooth leather products. My winter boots are also treated with mink oil liquid, to protect them from the elements. Suede and Nubuck leather require a different method of care.
Ross' Leather paste. I use it on holsters, boots, belts and bags. I get it from Brownell's.
Kali leather life. I use it on everything leather I have. Even car seats. Works wonders.

" Just an " FYI " for anyone using " Leather Bags " .

I just read an article , which was focused, on women's Style & " Handbags "..

However,.. " Leather is Leather " .

"... Your Favorite Handbag which you likely bring everywhere, has more bacteria on its handle than the average toilet flush. Yes, you read that correctly! A study published by a UK hygiene services company brings to light the shocking (and disgusting) truth about handbag hygiene...."

" ... It was discovered that leather provides the perfect conditions for the growth and spreading of bacteria, because of its spongy texture. Great, right? On the plus side, however, leather is pretty easy to clean - and regularly wiping down your bags is a huge help..."

I just disinfected my entire " Satchel & Shoulder Strap ", with 91% Alcohol ( Spray Bottle ) & wiped it down with a a few paper towels.

I'll have to remember to do this, on a regular routine.
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Leather Cleaning & Treatment

" Hey everyone,

I disinfected/cleaned my " Satchel ". HMMM, as an afterthought, I decided to treat the leather with some "Chamberlains Leather Milk"
(endorsed by Saddleback).

There were some fairly deep scuff, scratches, & I wasn't satisfied with the overall results.

So, I decided to use a thicker conditioner; " Skidmore's ". ......."