Leatherman Wave Pouch: Leather or Nylon?

Dec 22, 1998
I'm planning on getting a Leatherman Wave tool in the near future, and am debating what kind ofpouch to get with it. I have an original Leatherman now, and the leather pouch is pretty decent, if a bit rattle-prone, but I've heard that the leather pouch for the Wave was not very good. I prefer the look of leather, but I also don't want to lose my Wave because of a faulty snap...
I have both. Different pro's and con's.

The leather one would, in most instances, be my number one choice, IF the snap were tighter (this problem has been noted a long time ago in equipped.org's evaluation and both of my leather pouches have it, don't know if it's already fixed): it sits higher, the belt loop is narrower (in the cordura model it's huge), and it really looks good. On the minus side, due to its "open" design (lots of Wave visible), it tends to allow the tool to gather quite a lot of lint (under the hem of my sweater or jacket).

The cordura pouch is higher (or more "closed"), sits lower, stays shut securely (though the velcro pad is quite small), and would be my number one choice, e.g., in the woods, if I'd have a *very* wide belt on.

Hope this helps.


PS. There are aftermarket ("universal") cordura-pouches, which allow the Wave (or some other tool) to be put *horizontally* on a belt. Sometimes I prefer that.

I have both and like both. I use the leather one for daily carry and the cordura one is for hiking/outdoor use. (I haven't used it for that yet, though I have worn it around)

The snap on the leather one does have a tendency to come undone, but not as frequently as I had come to expect from reports online. Supposedly they are working to correct the problem at Leatherman, and I am hoping they will swap sheaths with me if this is the case. I will try to call them later today and post what I find out.

Both sheaths are high quality. The cordura one is made by Bianchi. The leather one is much, much nicer than the older Leatherman sheaths. I wish both had the option for horizontal carry., but I think I may jury-rig that myself.

Will report back when I know more...


PS If they have improved the leather sheath and you decide you want both, I would suggest buying one with cordura and then ordering a new leather one from Leatherman, improving your chances it would be a newer one.

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I think the new sheath is already out. You may want to take a look at the Wave review at equipped.com.

You can call Leatherman to purchase a sheath at 888-828-8830. The Nylon one cost $11 + $3 for shipping.



Leather now sits on the shelf.....

Mad Dog Kydex WAVE clip on... The only way to fly.

where does one get a Mad Dog kydex sheath for the Wave and how much is it?
Recently I upgraded from an original Leatherm PST to a Wave. I had two concerns. One being the added size of the Wave and two being the nylon case. My experience has been that the Wave/nylon combination is more comfortable than the PST/leather. It has been a win win situation and I coundn't be happier.
I looked at both sheaths prior to buying the nylon sheated Wave. This is a very high quality sheath and the deciding factor was moisture resistance and the ability to wear it on a duty or web belt

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I just got a Wave with leather sheath today to give as a gift. I checked the sheath out and the snap does seem a little loose, otherwise it looks pretty good. Marcus
For all desiring a horizontal/ vertical cordura sheath for the leatherman wave and smaller I recommend the spare mag holder made by DeSantis Gunhide. It uses velcro closure and will fit all the most popular multi tools on the market. The largest tool I' ve tried is the Gerber multi- lock scout and will definitely fit the Wave. For horizontal, up to 1.75 belt and for vertical, up to 2.0 or slightly wider. It is a very minimalist type holder where the front and rear sides are joined by heavy elastic sides. allowing varying thicknesses of tools/ mags. However, depending on the tools length, the side ends remain exposed about 3/4". Not a problem for non outdoor/ harsh environment carry. It' s a bargain for
12.00 retail in stores. Hope this helps.

Well, I called Leatherman yesterday and informed them of the problem with the leather sheath unsnapping. While the CSR did not seem to be aware of it as an ongoing issue, she did offer to replace it. In fact, the were going to ship out a replacement free of charge yesterday and told me to hold onto the other one and send it back when the new one arrives. Pretty nice I thought, making sure that I had a sheath the whole time.

I wonder if they try to retrofit the returned sheaths with new snaps. Hmmm...


PS Check out Leatherman's site. Someone's been upgrading!


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