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Ledt Handed Spyderco Police Model

Oct 5, 1998
Does anyone know if Spyderco produce a left handed version of the new G10 handled version of the police model ( I know they used to do a leffty steel handled one)

Also any idea if a steel upgrade is in the works for this model???
I haven't heard about a left, but all you would have to do is send it off to a knifemaker and they could put the clip on th eother side, a know a number of people who can do that.

And the steel is ATS-55 now, realistically I don't think you are going to see it much higher.

Marion David Poff

Having said that, someone will probably denominate me and/or Sal will prove that I know nothing....
ATS-55 is pretty top drawer at this time. No lefties yet in G-10, I'll make a note. There is a liner on one side to be able to screw the clip into steel. The custom maker would have to take apart the knife, move the liner, re-drill & tap. tougher than it seems.
I had not realised that the steel was ATS55 now , I thought it was still G2.

Thanks for the input