Oct 10, 1998
I have the cub. Love it. How about the full size plain? Havent seen much on it. Is blade any thicker? How does it work for heavy duty stuff? Does blade "flick" out like the cub? My 9 yr. old daughter is begging me for the cub. Should I give it to her? Anyone give their kids (this age) a knife this sharp? Thanks
I am a fan of both models. The action on the larger Leopard is also quick and the blade (guessing here) is about 1/32" wider at the base of the spine. Both of these products got me excited about the Benchmade lines initially. I have an office type job so the cub with the clip removed gets carried a lot more, but I do keep the full size in the glove box of my car. I think you will be happy with the full size Leopard too.