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Let's get back to reviews people!

Oct 9, 1998
Look, if you review a knife and review it honestly, then the only people who should care are the makers. Every maker out there has made a lemon at some time or another. If a knife gets a bad review and you happen to like that maker, it doesn't mean you have to jump on the reviewer, likewise, if a knife gets a rave and you don't care for the maker, why worry, just don't pay attention to it. In short, act like adults instead of kids on the playground. I thought the whole point of this forum was for makers to get feedback and customers to get recommendations for or against knives. I didn't think it was for name calling. OK, I will get off the soapbox now.
Lewis, you know, the epoxy fumes can do serious damage to a person if they are not careful, and perhaps what we are seeing is a fallout of this, hopefully with a bout of fresh air it will clear some heads and reviews will then commence on a sane path and avoid the pscho paths?

Reviews are needed, we all are interested in knives, no question there, but harsh or unneccesary comments spoil the review and I'm sure any lurkers or newcomers reading it will be turned away from Blade Forums as a place of decent information, and they will warn their friends as well so in the long run we miss out on their participation. Sort of stinks, and it doesn't have to be, which is the sad part.

Guess I needed to add my .02 as well, been reading the bouts long enough without doing so but the urge hit me.

I've been kinda busy lately so I haven't been checking this forum out but it does seem that the neighborhood has been invaded by barking dogs.

Bow wow.


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