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Lightning Field Testing Results

Jan 22, 1999
Anyone interested in reading Buck's Field test report that I wrote on our Lightning's, it can be found at
http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum27/HTML/000160.html] .

This in not a propaganda piece, but rather the actual results I subbmitted to Management.

Jeff "Without data it's just another opinion" Hubbard
Quality Supervisor

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That link should be http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum27/HTML/000160.html

What kind of screwdriver is required to tighten the screws? People are sending knives back for warranty service just because the screws loosened??? I did see where you're using loctite now, but even so screws that the ELU can tighten all by himself would seem to me to be more cost-effective than Torx or whatever you're using....

-Cougar Allen :{)

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Thanks Cougar for helping with the link. I pasted it in from the other message, and sometimes doing that flakes things out.
The screws are plain allen heads, but our customers should not even have to deal with a loose screw. I know it is simple to do, but to me its like if I had to tighten my lug nuts when I bought the car. Can I do it myself, of course. Should I have to? No way.
Alot of us like to play with our knives and adjust and sharpen them, but alot of ELU's want to use it without thinking about it.
Regardless of how easy it is to fix, it shouldn't be an issue in the 1st place.
Thanks for taking the time to read the report.


Jeff "Without data it's just another opinion" Hubbard
Quality Supervisor

Watch for Pete's Custom Knife Shoppe on www.buckknives.com

Allen (no relation, it's a common name) head screws are fine, IMHO. The loctite should cut down loose screw returns if not eliminate them entirely, and anybody who wants to make adjustments or modifications can easily obtain Allen wrenches if he doesn't have them already. I object to the common practice of using more and more esoteric screw designs to force consumers to either pay for service or pay exorbitant prices for special tools -- I'm glad to hear Buck isn't doing that.

I can't help marveling that anyone would ask for warranty service rather than tighten a loose Allen screw himself, though ... even if they're entitled to ... I just think sending a knife back to have a screw tightened is a ridiculously laborious, time-consuming, and roundabout way to accomplish a simple task ... as silly an idea as sending a knife back to be sharpened! Um ... there are people who do that, too, aren't there.... Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

-Cougar Allen :{)
We use a product called VIBRA-TITE on the Uluchet, it stays pliable, so the screw can be removed and replaced without losing the retention factor. The company that manufactures it is ND Industries of Troy, Michigan (313)362-1209, looks like they have a service center in L.A. also.

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!