Liner Locks- Safe to carry in pocket while driving?

Mar 6, 1999
I often carry my AFCK in my right front pants pocket.

This got me to thinking....
The blade is retained by a ballbearing which takes very little force to disengage. If I were in a head on collision, I think it possible that the blade mite open in my pocket at the point of impact. With the right hand, right pocket carry I use the blade is pointing forward. Hence my concern:
If the blade did open, it could, in the mayhem during and after collision, deeply puncture my leg, perhaps causing fatal bleeding.

Is my fear / suspicion justified? Should I take the knife out of my pocket every time I drive? If I carried in my "off-hand" / left front pocket would this be less dangerous? The blade would then be ponting more to the back.
I would appreciate feedback from others on this.

Thank you.

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

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I have had liner lock knives open in my pocket before. I don't think there is too much concern about cutting your leg because the blade is lying flat against your leg. What happened to me is that the tip will cut through your pocket and possible cut your arm or hand. I cut my hand on my knife tip when it opened up.

I now carry my liner lock knife in an Inside the Pocket holster. This keeps the knife securely closed. You could also use a knife pouch on your belt.

The only liner lock that I have had open in my pocket is an old Al Mar, his first liner lock. It tended to open and it had no catch, so I stopped using it. I carried Terzuola Clipits for years and had NO trouble of any kind with them. I would not worry with a decent one.

Walk in the Light,
I solved the problem 2 ways, cause I carry 2 knives. I carry my small Sebenza in a leather sheath on my belt made by Gary Graley(G2)which deploys easily, and a 4" folder in my right front pocket in a hard leather holster that I got from It not only won't open, but it doesn't fray my pocket, and sits down in my pocket where you can,t see it, but is still easy, and fast to deploy.
Just a couple of ideas, and my .02 cents worth, or maybe 2 1/2 cents.
When I drive I take my main folder out of my pocket and clip it to my seatbelt on my lower right side. Most linerlocks, if designed for tip-down carry, will be facing away from you clipped to the lower right seatbelt. That way, should I need it, I simply slide it straight out and ready. In the pocket, with the seatbelt on, would be too difficult to access quickly in an emergency situation.

I use the same holster. I cut the flap off to make the draw easier. I also had to have the stitching redone to fit the extra width of my Crawford KFF. Nice product.

Lemme get this straight... in a head-on auto collision you're worried about being cut by your pocketknife? I think this is testimony to how safe cars are becoming in accidents.

I've carried an AFCK more than any other knife for over four years (I counted better with the help of some friends, for those who remember my "2 1/2 year" figure). I've never had it open in my pocket. Not once. I think I've even had it during at least one auto accident (not a head-on collision, thank goodness). Even if it did open, it would most likely close again since it is tip-down and the detent ball tends to "draw" the blade in when it gets near closed.

In short, don't worry so much. Carry wherever you want, except onto a plane or into a federal building


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