Liner Locks

Nov 25, 1998
This is to Axel Yup and the others who object to liner locks. I have used knives with them, mostly the Terzuola Clipits in both sizes, and like them very much. Am I missing something here? What is the problem with them? Please, I am asking, not to start something but to find out.

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FullerH; to be annointed into the secret knowledge of this forum, you must first answer the question, 'What was Thursday called on the Mickey Mouse Club?'

Since your previous answers to similar questions have been correct, I will share the information with you even though you have not actually satisfied the requirement yet.

Use the search function; search for liner locks. They and their short comings and advantages have been discussed many, many times. Walt
Walt, thank you, I will pull up prior posts on liner locks.

As to who Thursday was, I don't remember. As I said, I was a bit older that their target audience. The main reason for watching it when I did was Annette.

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Hugh; Thursday was 'Anything Can Happen' day; an important concept for knife users

Actually Joe Talmadge is the expert at making liner locks fail. He has done the A.T. Barr test on many liner locks and had a large percentage fail.

My own experience was with a liner lock tactical folder that was set up with a dull training blade. I used it for work outs with my heavy bag, and it held well for a few months and then the lock began to disengage during thrusts. Because the blade was dull, I was not injured. I sent it back for repairs and now it seems to work fine. Liner locks can be adequate for a tactical folder, but they can wear over time.

If you only use your knife for utility work, then they are probably strong enough. For people like myself who stress their folders, the liner lock may not be up to the hard use. Hopefully new locks like the Rolling lock and Axis lock will show themselves to be more robust.

I hope I answered your question.

Walt & Axel, thank you for your time and responses. I do use my knives for utility reasons, not as a martial art, so I haven't noticed. Also, both of the liner locks that I use are Terzuola Clipits and, therefore, quality items. I have never had a lick of
trouble and, just last weekwnd, tried the test of whacking the spine against a book. Of course, I protected my hand with a Kevlar glove, but it was not necessary. Both blades held solidly.

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