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Liong Mah GSD, Jeff Park Bones, MDxFF Gent, Dragonfly

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Feb 5, 2007
Hi all,

Moving some knives along here:
Liong Mah GSD $290
Jeff Parks Bones Midtech $320
Massdrop x FFKW Gent $75
Spydie Dragonfly $43

Prices include shipping and PayPal G&S.

Trades: looking for Mini Goblin in CF, Mini Tolk, CRKs, other high end production/custom thin/light folders <3.3". Will also consider trades + cash or trades in my favor.

GSD: received in trade. Advertised as new. Doesn't look carried or used, but has some scuffing on the blade - potentially from the factory. Pictures / video cover it. Comes with pouch, microfiber.

Bones: received in trade. Advertised as LN. No defects. Comes in pouch.

Gent (blue): first owner. Carried, but good shape. No issues. Comes with original things.

Dragonfly: first owner. Used. Blade is a little beat up - see pictures/video.

Pictures and video here:

Also have a user Norseman for sale in the customs forum.

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