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Livesay 6 Knife

It's too thin and light for anything I need. But I'd pick one up if my keester were in a sling and it was the only thing handy.


Jim Six has given me a little (good natured, I'm sure) flak about my above statement since I hadn't actually handled one of the knives.

I made my point about my observations over on Newt's forums and thought that would be the end of it. But NOOOOOOOOO! Newt just can't leave well enough alone. He had to go and send me one of the dang things.

When the Brown truck of Joy arrived this afternoon, I opened my package to find a 7 1/8" long, 1/8" thick, 1/2" wide, double edged shiv. It's definitely a purpose driven design.

The grip serrations are a nice touch and will help immensely while driving the piece through a bad guy's temple, eye socket, or base of the skull. (Did I mention that it is a purpose driven design?)

The only problem I had with it has been cured with the help of a fine diamond benchstone. It's now a SHARP little shiv.

My wife took one look at it and said, "It's cute, I'm going to carry that." I snickered a little bit and looked over at her and she was giving me one of those looks that says, "I'm serious" and she said, "I'm serious!" It looks as if mamma has a new knife.

This knife would undoubtedly fit in the "dagger, dirk, or double edge weapon" prohibitions in some jurisdictions, so choose accordingly. My wife has my permission (as if she needs it) to carry anything she is comfortable with anywhere she wants. I would much rather get a call to bail her out than to identify her body.

If it's for you, get one. I tend to buy with utility foremost in mind and this thing just isn't for me.

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Haven't touched one yet, but looking forward to picking up a few. Looks like the perfect piece to keep here and there, in the truck, home, bug-out bag.

I have never been disappointed in a Livesay knife, nor the service Newt provides. Stuff built to take a beating and priced so that you give it the beating it deserves
Someone e-mailed me asking about the "choose accordingly" comment I made.

I hope this will help clarify:

Newt offers this knife in 3 different configurations:

Mod 165 - Single sided, double edge. (Dagger round on one side, the other side is ground flat). This is what I received. - $25.00

Mod 165A - Single sided, single edge (no dagger grind) - $30.00

Mod 165B - Double sided, double edge (dagger ground on both sides - $40.00

More info can be found here.