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Livesay U.S. Marshall

Oct 20, 1999
My friend purchased a U.S. Marshal, even before I ordered my UJI fighter. He just received it, so I decided to put it thru its paces.

First off, the piece is much more refined than the UJI, which is to be expected from a piece in this price range. The blade is sharp, handle smooth, and coating even and uniform. The sheath, perfect! Tight enough to hold the piece vertically, while still allowing rapid deployment.

As far as performance. This piece held up very well in some minor testing we were able to put it through over the last two days. Since it is more of a utility style camping/hiking piece, we addressed the testing as best we could.

Chopping kindling-excellent

Preparing meat/veggies-suprisingly

Stabbing through just about anything-excellent...even old truck tire...WITH AIR IN IT!!! (no worries...it was ours!)

Grip is excellent, and allows confidant wielding of the tool. Kudos on perfectly formed Micarta handle...allows a winner in my book.

Knife shaved bark for kindling well, as it did everything else.

Only problem...TOO BIG!!! The knife is great, and I would feel confidant with it on my hip or pack anytime...but in terms of it being a could carry knife when not..."in the bush" I find it too big and heavy. Just goes to show the value here; bigger and stronger and more versitile then we had hoped.

Sheath is great...just too good at staying on my GI belt...needs some playing with to take off! Newt's kydex now, is 2 for 2...terrifically formed, and neat as could be.

For me, I would carry this piece as a second to a larger, more machette style knife, ala RTAK, calling upon it to do...ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!

We have two more Livesay's on the way; a BUSHI FIGHTER and a BHB (bow hunting buddy), so be on the look out!

Special thanks to Joda here for helping my buddy and I out this past week! Your service, again as always, was top notch!

Take Care!

Happy Easter!

Steve in NYC
I also have the Marshall, I don't think it is too big. I guess that's a personal call.
I do agree with the rest of your comments, though. I usually unscrew the clip on the sheath to get it on and off the pistol belt.
Isn't that #2 handle the best?!!!
Ebbtide out.
If you think that the U.S. Marshal is too big try an ICU

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