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Livesay UJI....Me and My "UJI"

Oct 20, 1999
After much hubub dealing with shipping and handling mishaps, I finally came home to find my first Livesay piece, an UJI TANTO FIGHTER, waiting for me on my counter. Please realize that other than my own "ruff-cutters" this is my first "handmade" custom piece, so I may just be a little off in my approach here.

First off, the sheath is by far the pivotal aspect to this concealment package. TIGHT fitting kydex holds the knife in place, and for a few extra bucks, Newt tossed in a few otehr clips which increase carry options even further! Kudos to Kydex!

Considering that this piece is to be carried as a self defense knife, my "tests" will be done accordingly. Stabbing, slashing, poking, blocking, and pommel thrusts will have to do here, for they are the only moves I have grown accustomed/comfortable with. Here, the knife did nothing excellent, but did everything ok. Cleary, sharpening up the piece would allow EXCELLENT slashes, but may take away from stabbing performance. I cut up two pairs of pants; old Lee's and a pair of new but stained (BLOOD) cargo pants. Both were destroyed and determined to have sustained substantial damage. Nothing, mind you, close to that inflicted by the serrated blade of the CS Mini-Tac last week!!!The thick blade lent itself well to stabbing through heavy cardboard, and even light wood (sub-flooring) with little to no blade mov't. The spine efficiently spread the force of a blocking blow over the length of the knife, not creating a "shock" point anywhere. The grip is nice, not great but nice. Needs rougher finish to yield improved purchase. I am sure, however, it will hold up indefinitely to the elements and to being close to sweat up to ten hours a day. The pomel made some impressive dents on my test 2"x6" boards, as well as in the side of my 50 gallon drum. Def. good for non-lethal attack. Blade had trouble cutting through the first 2 liter bottle bottom, so I didn't follow through, no need, it did every other thing well enough to have proved itself a viable self defense tool.

Two gripes; blade finish and overly tight Kydex sheath. I carry the knife upside down, strong side, under a light fleece zip-up. It conceals there well, won't remain there forever. However, drawing the piece for defensive/slahing blows required more effort then I'd like. So much in fact, that I pulled the sheath across my hip a few times. The blade finish is similar to that on my CS Bushman, hardly attractive to say the least, but functional I am sure. To improve grip and appearance, I would opt for Desert Wood handles, and have them checkered like a pistol grip.

All in all a good, reasonable, sturdy knife, worth every penny. Improvements necessary are merely asthetical, so I would rec'mnd this to anyone with a few bucks to toss around for a nice new toy. Strong enough to get the job done, inexpensive enough to get rid of, or not cry over if "lost."

I am going to carry and beat the hell out of this piece for the next two weeks, and if it is ok, I may look for a 101st Air Mobile for my Day-Pack. We'll see!


Steve in NYC

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Dangelo-"Cleary, sharpening up the piece would allow EXCELLENT slashes, but may take away from stabbing performance."

I don't see how sharpening the edge will really affect stabbing performance other than enhancing it favorably.On my blade I had to lower the edge angle and stopped at a coarse DMT stone(black) for a very toothy edge.It seems to grab a bit better.

Also I can see where you are coming from on the aesthetic comments.This is not a pretty knife.I buy my livesay knives from a local(1 hour drive)dealer.I was able to pick it up and hold it before I laid my money down.