Loco Cannis and his warrantee


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Mar 28, 1999
Being a bit simple minded ..some call it stupid, I have a tendency to take words like the origional English meant and not some BS lawyer interpretation.

An e-mail response from Kevin clarified that his warrantee is limited to exclude abuse, neglect and stupidty.

Got an e-mail from Kit Carson that recently refinished my U2 after I had a bit of useage under the belt. He refinished it and took care of all my questions ....AT NO CHARGE. This best ....this morning I get this e-mail from him stating that if I should break it, he will replace or repair the defect every time for the life of the knife .....note life of the knife not while in my posession. Note that I bought this one second hand already.

I am now listing makers that I rate 5 star on service and products :- Jerry Busse, Kit Carson, Newt Livesay and Bob Dozier. (Trace Rhinaldi to be added soon by indications)

Bottom of the crap pile :- Guess I have enough enemies for now.

Check out http://www.yebo.co.za/~moorea/warrantee.html

My e-mail is on there. Mail me the maker or his URL with your star rating, I'll send him a mail to clarify his warrantee and I'll post this.

I must admit that after the TUSK uproar I believed that Kevin should be rated very low. But I have to admit that a number of people have come forward to stand by their MD's and I have to be even handed. One swallow does not a summer make !!!

Simple answer : I believe that Kevin should replace the TUSK and I also believe that his warrantee should be clearly stated before more people end up with very expensive scarp metal. That is the above URL ...think I should rate overal service as well ...what do you think.

Sorry for being quiet for so long ...been travelling for about 6 weeks with no Internet.

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You should check with Jim Lozan from the James Brothers. Jim has always repaired any defects in his knives free of charge, and with the attitude that he doesn't want anything with his name on it to be less than perfect.

BTW - nice to see you posting again!
Aubrey -- I must say I admire you for not taking any BS. Saw your MD knives for sale at the KF board. My hats off to you.
Aubrey, some other people who have strong warrenties and are very interested in consumer feedback, positive and negative, are P.J. Turner (pjtkm@silverstar.com), Bill Martino (HIMIMP@aol.com), and Craig Gottlieb (cystern@hotmail.com).

Aubrey, after I posted, I noticed that you wanted the information in email, duh, anyway, message sent.

Titan, thanks.