Looking for a very slim profiled neck knife - any suggestions?

Oct 3, 1998

I am looking for an easy to conceal, slim profiled neck knife. I'd like one with a blade under 3 1/2" preferrably with a good kydex sheath, but under $100.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am thinking of using the break-away dog tag chain. Is this the best option for concealability? I'm sure that paracord is easy to spot....but then again I could be wrong!

And does anyone wear a neck knife under just a T-shirt without showing any outward signs of carry? If so, what knife and how is the carry?



Hello! I think I know exactly what you want.
A mark boyer (boyer blades) mini tanto! It's nice and thin, can be carried many different ways in the kydex sheath with different clips and stuff. Black epoxy coat warranty on the coating (they'll redo the coating for you), AND it can come with some nice serrations. THe size of the blade is around 3.5". It's really worth checking out. It's only $80.
i think boyer blade's webpage is at:
try a cold steel para-edge, $25-$27 for a variety of blade shapes. it's aus6 steel, but nicely made and part serrated. I have not actually used one of these, so my judgements are based on an old mini-pal, same materials.
other thought is the outdoor-edge wedge. looks nice, but I have never actually held one

May I humbly suggest that you read my thread on La Griffe?

If you are open minded, and not too bent on cosmetics, I think you may just fall in love with this knife.

On the other hand, there are many other truly beautiful knives out there, whether they meet your price point or not.

Whatever you pick, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do mine.

The Polkowski "Gaunt"
designed by Bob Kasper after he evaluated
15 differnt neck knives for Tactical Knives
magazine. Its on Bob's Kasper Fighting Knives site. Very light, very thin (hence Gaunt)
and pretty slick.
Give TH Rhinaldi a try www.pe.net/~thrblade/ . He is a custom maker that will take customer requests, makes top notch knives that won't break your budget. He should be able to get you a neck knife in your choice of blade geometry, any color you want, with a good kydex/concealex rig.

And no he doesn't make knives for free for me, just a satisfied customer.


My best suggestion would be a REKAT Fang. I've had one for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. It's ground from 1095, with a 2" cutting edge and has a very nice BlackT coating that does a fantastic job of preventing corrosion, especially when in direct contact with skin. It does not print on my T-shirt, even with the paracord wrap I've done to the handle. The kydex sheath is superb, and it won't let go unless you really want it to. And it just seems to have no end of carry options. All for about $50.

Also, if you're planning on actually wearing it around your neck, do not use the paracord. The last thing you need is to be strangled by your own sheath. The ball chain is very secure, but will still let go long before it chokes you.

Trust me on this one, even though you don't know me, I promise you won't be disappointed.


The new Bud Nealy by Boker should be great also !
But the La Griffe, you know I am a fan...

Hi guys,

thanks for all your suggestions. So far, out of all the knives suggested, my favourites are the Rekat Fang & Utility and the Simonich Cetan utility.

Blues and Nemo, is the handle comfortable on La Griffe. Does the finger 'hole' permit a fast draw from underneath a shirt?

Comrade Chang, the Boyers look very cool. Do you have one?

Shades, do you find the handle on the Fang to be comfortable? Looking at the Fang next to the Utility, I prefer the simpler lines of the Utility.

Thanks again..




I have a REKAT Utility Fang. It is a nice little piece for the money. But, it does not compare to the La Griffe.

The grip is not nearly as secure. The grip on the La Griffe is comfortable, and due to the finger hole, it is extremely secure.

Yes, it can be drawn quickly from the sheath. I am in South Florida where t-shirts and shorts are the rule for off duty wear.

It gets my highest marks as a versatile neck knife.

Again, it is not of the "classic" beauty tradition, but it has certainly grown on me.
Function and construction are beautiful to me.

I like the Crawford neck carry (new version with holes in the grip and thumb serrations). Easy to carry , very sharp, Kydex sheath. Price: $85
Website: www.crawfordknives.com

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I have a Stiff KISS and although I like it as a neck knife, I find it too heavy to wear on a regular basis. I think I would be taking Blue's advice and looking at La Griffe. Small and light is the way to go for everyday carry.

Just my $0.2(Aus$0.3)

I have the Simonich Cetan tanto with micarta handles (pictured on the site) and I wrote a review of it on this forum a few weeks ago.

Anyway..I just weighed mine...including the kydex sheath..the total is 100 grams

How about one of my Neck Bones. I make it in two versions, the smaller has about a 2 1/2 inch blade designed primarily for a reverse grip and the other is a little longer and more traditional. $85 for either model. You can see one at Les Robertson's site. Sorry for the spam, but it's a cool knife.

have any of you used any of the knives from the Wicked Knife Company. I just took a look at Edgy-Tools.com and saw the Little Pecker, Woo and SOP.

They look like they are highly concealable little guys. Any opinions?

Have both the para edge by cold stell and the rekat Hobbit fang. The hobbit fang is a nice knife but the handle ergonomics take a little getting used to. the para ege is bust too small to be really useful, but is shar as the dickens and lightweight. asm intereted i getting the cetan by simmonich as it seems light and good sized.
The Stiff Kiss is a good option.
It is very inexpensive... and it will let yuo try the neck knife thing - you may not like that method of carry. Then, if you dont, there are other carry options, and if that doesn't work for you - Your not out a lot of money. The STIFF KISS is a very clever design, and there are a lot of things you can do with it... like make your own scales for it, different cord wrapping... It's not the hardest edge on the market... it will go dull faster than your other knives - but it is enjoyable to sharpen it once in awhile
Hi Ken,
You could try checking out Black Cloud's website, Ernie Mayer does a couple neck knives, though I don't htink he has their picks up anymore. There is a pick of the Tanto Baby which I am interested in but it's in Damascus under the damascus section and runs about $150 he said. The tanto baby in ATS-34 was aroung $60 I think including the kydex sheath and shipping. It's a cute little knife that could do some serious damage close quaters. I have a "Woo" from Wicked Knives and was really upset by the grind the finish and the wait. Too bad, besides that the stag handles were really nice looking. I also have a STIFF Kiss which is a really great knife for the price, I got mine from Discount Knives for $17+$3 shipping when he had a labor day sale. The knife is compact and comes with a variety of carrying options. I also have a REKAT Fang in ATS-34 if you're interested, it only has the ball chain for the sheath and has been sharpened once. It's a nice knife, but I personally don't care for it any longer. I'm selling it for $40 (price includes shipping). I'm interested in seeing the Bud Nealy, from Boker it should be nice and worth the wait. The cost may be a whole other issue though. I hope this helps.