Looking for adventure books with central knife/gun themes.

Mar 18, 1999
I have own almost the whole Survivalist series by Jerry Ahern, which is a post-apocolyptic look at surviving. The main knife carried and mentioned is a Jack Crain, but others are mentioned. The whole book centers around other cool guns and gear too. Any novels where wilderness survival is the main theme are of interest to me too.
There are hundreds of likely books to seek out...

David Morrell's Testament (family pursued by domestic terrorists into the wilds), First Blood (source for the movies but more realistic and far superior action), Last Revile (I think that is how you spell it - US Army troops pursue Pancho Villa's raiders into the harsh Mexican countryside).

David Palmer's
Emergence - post-apocalyptic tale of survival featuring a child prodigy. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's False Dawn - brutal tale of post-apocalyptic survival. Stephen King's The Stand and Robert McCammon's Swan Song - two similar epic studies of post armageddon survival.

Some of Dean Ing's 80's work fantatically embraces gadgets/survival themes. These days he seems to concentrate on spy thrillers. He debated how to survive not only Ma Nature but also nuclear war.

Barry Sadler's Phu Nam sniper series, especially the first two (the first one, Phu Nam, I think, is set in Vietnam and the second is set in the wilds of South America).

Phillip Jose Farmer's Riverworld and World of Terres series. Though both are outright science fiction, the protagonists repeatedly demonstrate a hardcore survivalist mentality and creativity in wilderness settings.

Robert Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky (a science fiction look at surviving in a hostile environment and the problems it poses to human society - my fave Heinlein novel).

Hank Searl's The Shipkiller (a man whose wife was murdered by a massive ship pits himself against the world and the sea for a chance to sink the vessel).
Hey Jeff, thanks for the tips. I've read all the Morrell books, Testament was awesome. I will check out the other ones you mentioned.
Any of the "Springblade" series by Greg Walker. There are 8 of them, from 1989 to 1991. They are probably very hard to find. try http://www.bibliofind.com
Also, Most "Matt Helm" books by Donald Hamilton have knife scenes in them. There are 27 books so I can't remember which ones have the most knife action. For more info try http://members.aol.com/MacBorden /. My favorite has Matt cutting the bad guy's Achilles tendon.

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One that I would avoid is "Wild Horses" by Dick Francis. It was recomended on a knife site, but it has very little depth as far as the knife scenes go.

This is not to slight the author, who is very well regarded.

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"The Man Who Never Missed" by Steve Perry.

It's sort of an ultra-condensed extremely well written Science Fiction version of "Unintended Consequences". Which is by John Ross and is the ultimate, absolute #1 must read for any "gunnie" like us. Available only in hardback and the easiest source is gun shows - the publisher is Accurate Arms which mostly sells reloading data books and other technical gun stuff, this is their only novel...so other book stores have a *hard* time ordering it.

Amazon has it too.

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Any of Stephen Hunter's novels featuring Bob "The Nailer" should be highly recommended.

Don LeHue

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Try books by these authors:

Don Pendleton
Greg Walker
Tom Clancy
Stephen Hunter
Richard Marcinko

There's a series of books that are good:

Mac Bolan
Stony Man
Phoenix Force
Able Team
The Executioner

Try to find them using barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com
'Lando', by Louis L'Amour. Interesting knives, great story. One of my favorites!
Also other books by Louis L'Lamour that feature the 'Tinker' carracter. They are in his Sackett series.

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Rubem Fonseca's "A High Art" is the novel translated from Portugese that the movie "Exposure" is based loosely on. The novel is pretty good, focuses on knife combatives, drags in places, and tends to be graphic and brutal (like the movie).