Looking for elephant ear leather

I'd say given the ban on ivory, the ears would be off limit too. What in the world are you doing Craig?

dont they have a zoo there?
Just take a little and it will grow back and you can get some more next year!
Try contacting John Fong. He deals in fine leather and attends the BAKCA knife show, he is a great guy, and will work with knife and sheath makers.Contact info:
John Fong Leather Co.
1610 Hyde St.
San Francisco
12 p.m.- 4 p.m. PST
Great idea! If anyone expected it, it could be explained at the zoo as a pachyderm with a leaning towards Van Gogh!!!

"Standard" elephant leather is too thick for sheath material.

C Wilkins
Woops sorry. Its a joke right? Out here in California the only jokes we have are the electricity problem.

Jeff P
How about Mike Tyson jokes?

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