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Looking for fixed blade pictures

May 10, 1999
I exchanged a few e-mails with keninshiro (who is looking for "folders") and decided to post this:
I am also collecting pictures of knives. I am interested in fixed blades, small to medium size, I'd call them "tactical". Some of my favourite are: Nealy, Boyer, Chavar, Meerdink, Lightfoot, Martin, Polkowski, Tighe, Viele, Simonich, Entrek, Irie and others.
PLEASE if you have any pictures I would appreciate them. If there is another maker who fits into this category - please let me know.
Thank you.

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You may want to visit the Knifemakers Guild site. Several custom makers have webs there with photos. http://www.kmg.org is URL, I believe. Take care.

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Hey!Hey! Hello, nice to bummed' into you. Thanks for the pics again. I'll e-mail you if i happen to come across any nice blades.
Okay... my photos didn't apply for Keninshiro, but they do for you. Click on the link below and go to the kit knife section and also the custom knives section. You'll see all sorts of kit knives that I've finished and even somne I've designed. The blades were made by Madpoet or Simonich, and I have a few pics of Sean Perkins' discontinued Seraph and Scaetha. You should find them interesting, and while they represent my work more than theirs, I still like 'em! Let me know via email, please, if you decide to use them. There are a few nice pictures and scans in the sheath section, but these represent my hard work so please ask permission before you use any of those photos. Thanks!

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
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I forgot to inform you that i have a custom Wharncliffe styled blade which i put some custom request for it from Madpoet. It'll be here in a few days time, not quite tactical due to the fact that it has desert ironwood for handle. But i'll sent you the pic anyway, hope you'll like it.
Fred, thanks for the link - I found many interesting knives there.

Chiro, I found your site months ago and I am waiting for Cetan tanto kit now.... I intend to use the pictures only for my reference. I do not have my web site (at least not yet) so I am not going to publish those pictures. I am the one who contacted you about the Boker Nealy neck sheath...

Ralf, thanks for the link. I ordered Entrek's JAG about 2 months ago....

Axel Yup, yes - Kasper's knives belong among my favourite as well....

Sean, thanks for the offer. Your knives are interesting - one day I would like to handle one...

I would like to thank DC who sent me 5 MB of pictures.

Thank you all.