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Looking for knife like Boker Specialist


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Oct 4, 1998
I am looking for small, slim multi-carry neck knife and the Boker Specialist with wood handles and utility blade really caught my eye. However, just looking at the simplicity of the knife, I feel that it is overpriced, most likely due to the fancy magnetic sheath. Can anyone suggest a similar knife with a more conventional multi-carry kydex sheath that is available for a little bit less?
I was in the same situation a while ago and shopped REKAT, Boker, etc., and finally decided to go with Mark Boyer, a custom maker in Woodinville, WA.

$85, 1095 steel, choice of two different handles, choice of tips, multi-carry, the whole thing.

One problem, no instant gratification. I ordered the beginning of April and was just notified it ships today (5/24).

I also came very close to getting a Perkins knife and just still might. Folks on the Forum seem to speak very highly of them.