Looking for spare parts, glass breaker bolts in particular...

Sep 29, 2002
Hey guys, I stripped one of my bolts a while back and never got around to calling up Frank. Now that ER has cut out Frank, I am kinda unsure wether or not I will purchase any ER stuff... I like the products, but a move like that doesn't sit well with me. Would I have purchased my MPC without Frank? Yes. Would I have bought my T2000M and planned on more after that without his brand of customer service (replacing my faulty MPC) and general good naturedness over the phone? No. One of the biggest reasons why knives have been the most held onto hobby of mine is how I am able to meet and deal with good(for the most part ;) ) people whose products and the way they stand behind them really seem to mean something. My point is that if anyone has a lead on where to get some bolts or have spares, please let me know 'cause my MPC will not have a replacement. Please don't see this as a bash on ER products, just a on their business practices. Thanks for everything Frank.