Looking for Taylor Cutlery or Jim Gullette or Stewart Taylor, Kingsport, TN

Apr 5, 1999
I found an interesting article in Blade Magazine October, 1988. It was about all purpose knives and listed The Skasa System designed by Jim Gullette and initially produced by Taylor Cutlery. I have been looking for more about the System, specifically the bow attachment design. Are these in production/available? Are any of these people still around?

Also, another company produced a similar system, I believe called the Parabow! Possibly by Paragon. Does anybody know anything about these?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Plainsman :)
The Parabow was and I beleive is still made by Paragon. It is basically a knife with a slingshot attachemnt which shoots arrows with a groove cut uot that attached to the band. It is a cool system but a bit over priced. Jim now works for United Cutlery if it is the same Jim. Taylor cutlery now makes Smith & Wesson knives and that takes much of their time. I don't think the Skasa system ever really took off but if you need any further info let me know.

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Thanks Mike!

The info I'm trying to find on either system is really some pictures! I had found a site on the web about the Parabow a few years ago, but can no longer find it...

I am an avid bowhunter/archer and have been trying to devise a system similar to these using surgical tubing. I am really curious about their "compound" system. I have built a couple of prototypes with simple "slingshot type" attachments, but wonder what makes theirs "compound??? From the few pictures I can remember, It seemed like they used a pulley and doubled the tubing, but I'm not sure.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! :)

Thanks again, Mike! :)
Wow! Sorry, Plainsman, this probably isn't a particularly pertinent post, but I was just surprised to see my hometown, Kingsport, TN listed in the title of a post here on BF. Strange things are afoot.


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