Loosening the clip on a MicroTech SOCOM


Oct 9, 1998
I love the SOCOM. It's a great knife, but that titanium clip is a real pain in the ass. It's too tight for my liking and the tip doesn't stick up enough. I like the clip to be fitted in such a way that I can easily draw and pocket the knife with one hand.

The SOCOM's clip can't be bent back as easily as that of a Benchmade or Spyderco. Titanium is real resilient. If you don't hold the bend for while, it just snaps right back. Here's what I do:

I take the cap from a Bic Round Stic pen and use it to wedge the clip up just enough to slide the pen itself underneath. I push the pen in as far as it will go, then I let it sit for several hours. I do this at night, by the way, so I can still carry the knife during the day. Gradually, the clip loosens. Why a Bic Round Stic? 2 reasons: 1.) It's cheap! 2.) It's made of a soft plastic which won't scratch the anodized aluminum coating on the SOCOM's handle. After I've loosened up the clip to my liking, I stick the pen in again to raise the clip as high as it will go so I can bend the tip up using two pliers (I cover the jaws with pieces of folded-up paper napkins, again so as not to scratch the handle). Real simple, but it works well.

I hope this piece of information is helpful to all my fellow SOCOM owners out there who like a looser clip. Of course, all those who prefer really tight clips are happy already.


Hey thanks what a tip. I thought it was just a problem I would have to deal with until I saw your post. Man I am really beginning to love this place!

Scuba Doo (My Nick name)