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Love is above knives...

Oct 4, 1998
Sorry, this is not really knife related... But if you have been following the news, you would have noticed that Taiwan have been badly hit by a huge earthquake. It was measured at 7.6 Ritcher scale, with over 2500 after shocks and six of those after shocks were measured at over 6.0 on the Ritcher scale. The latest count was 2095 dead, 6539 injured, 1741 still trapped, and 207 missing. Please remember the victims to this horrible disaster and give thanks to God for keeping us safe.

If you have any resources available, please contact your local Red Cross or any other disaster relief organizations to see if they are planning a delivery to Taiwan. Even if you have nothing to spare at the moment, please remember them in your prayers and hope that the people who are still trapped or missing will turn out okay.

James Wang

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We have been having a drive this week to send aid. If someone has not organized the same thing where you work, please try and do something yourself.

Take care and God Bless.

San Francisco, CA