Love my Chive, but selling my Avalanche


Go Army, Beat Navy!
Oct 6, 2004
Greetings all. After a long search for a replacement for my lost SS Delica, finally settled on a Kershaw Avalanche. Was sold on the Speedsafe concept after trying out my roommate's Kershaw Blackout. The Blackout was a little too curvy for me (rubberized grip), so I thought the G10 scales would make the Avalance much trimmer, but much more stable in the grip than my slippery SS Delica.

I bought the Avalanche on Ebay, and bought a Chive at Wal-Mart to amuse myself with while I wait. I absolutely love the Chive! The word "cute" sounds too girly, so I'll go with "a bonny little knife". It's light, compact, sturdy, sharp as the devil. And the Speedsafe feature is just instantaneous on such a small blade. Am currently shopping around for a replacement top scale in elk antler (one Ebay seller has these), so I can get it scrimshawed as my gentleman EDC.

The Avalanche came in the mail, and it just didn't do it for me. I'm not saying it's a bad knife, just not quite what I was hoping for. The G10 scales are still pretty thick, and the checkering is simply gruesome. I mean, I'm convinced you can maintain a hell of a grip on those scales; I'm sure your flesh would separate from the bone before you lost your grip. The checkering is about as sharp as the blade! I imagine this sucker will destroy my pants pockets pretty quick, as well as giving much friction to the draw. Further, while I love the Speedsafe on a trinket, I'm starting to think I want something a little more "manual" on a larger knife. Several of my coworkers have Benchmades, and an Axis-lock with a little wrist action seems about as fast as a Speedsafe, without the legal gray area or dependence on the torsion bar.

I might play around with the Avalanche a little bit more and see if it doesn't grow on me, but I'm going to take a hard look at the Griptilians, 705 (mini McHenry), Osborne, etc.

It'll be a moot point relatively soon though, as in about six months I'll be moving back to a state where one can carry firearms, so the Chive will be plenty enough knife for me after that point.

Not a jab at the Avalanche, just my impressions. Take care all, -MV