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Luminox Navy Seal Watch??????

A little off subject, but I'm sure there are those of you who have opinions about these watches. I like the Tritium hands and markers but the quality of the watch doesn't look that good. Botach Tactical (www.botach.com) has them for $138, the best price I've seen.
Nov 12, 1998
I am a watch freak too. I was in the Navy with EOD and my bro's with Seal team 2 did wear this time-piece, it is the ONLY official watch. It is very rugged, and dependable. it ain't pretty though. 139 sounds like a steal. buy it. you'll like it. I had one but I lost track of it. I also wore a G-shock illuminator. Very bulky, but I loved the illumination. I never wore it on manuvers though. That's when I broke out my luminox. I prefer the yellow, or red face. Blue is really nice although yellow and red are easier to see, and has a sporty contrast.

Buy a Seiko automatic divers watch. Not tritium but some isotope, its name escapes me. Better watch, good down to 200M and the 21 jewel models keep great time for automatics. Just my two bits.

Had a Luminox crystal crack and they replaced it for free though, good service. Gotta be honest, looks to geeky for me.
Take care

Well, as I posted in rec.knives... I don't mind spending $$$ so that I can better pretend to be a Navy SEAL. However, I don't want everyone else to know that I'm pretending to be a Navy SEAL, and as a result don't like it to be too obvious. The Luminox watches are marked "navy Seals" these days, which I decided made them a little too embarassingly cheesey for me

Joe- exactly. Looks like a good watch, but being a wannabe is bad enough. To wear a watch that advertises it makes it worse.
After all, what am I going to do when I am on a secret mission overseas, and someone sees my watch? They will instantly know I am an American Operative! Not low profile enough for us high speed types

( all in jest of course, I have no illusions of being a Secret Operative...unless I am strapping my Mirage X and my titanium CQC7)
I got two of the Luminox watches.

The positive aspects are that they are very bright. I can almost read in the dark using one of them.

The negative aspect is that they don't seem reliable. Each failed after about a year of use. Neither was subjected to anywhere near the abuse that the name sugests it should take. The one with the black plastic case and strap kept time poorly after about a year of ocasional use. Changing the battery did not help. The titanium finish metal case, metal band one leaked while I was washing my hands. It is supposed to be water resistant to 5 atmoshpere (stamped on back of case.)

Wenger, of SAK fame, sell a solid titanium cased watch (they have other models too.) I would probably try that one next. I had never heard of Luminox before and had never seen them mentioned in any of my watch books/magazines. Could be that its a brand set up just for these products.
I'm with Chris John...get a Seiko. I've got a titanium kinetic sports 200 that isn't sold in the states yet but works like a champ and is highly visable at night. It replaced a 20 year plus service Seiko auto winding 21 jewel chronograph.

Omegas are great too although priced in the 4 figure range. Forget Rolex.

Had to put in my two cents worth.
I have two watches that never fail me.
An Omega automatic that keeps within 15 seconds a month and a Seiko diver that keeps within 2 seconds a month.
I know, the less expensive Seiko keeps more accurate time, but the Omega keeps time better. Know what I mean?
(Kinda like the difference between a razor sharp CRKT and a razor sharp Microtech.)


I have had the best experience with a TAG Formula I. Might be about the same price range as a Luminox. I paid $140 about 6 or 7 years ago. Steel case, plastic bezel, rubber strap. I put a black leather strap on for everyday wear, everyday. Very reliable. They have lots of variations to choose from.

Just my opinion,