Jun 25, 1999
I have picked up a Lynn Griffith Rhino Pup (2" Shark-tooth blade with curved cut-out on top of spine for indexing point & full-size handle) with red/blue G-10 handles before last weekend - like its namesake it ain't the prettiest design around but I didn't buy it for its looks( though the red/blue G-10 is way coool! my Spiderman knife!). It has to be one of the most comfortable & functional knives I own to use!!!! I bought it to cut & trim grips for tennis & racquetball racquets and it works incredibly well - I used it all weekend at the club & it worked like a champ - the synthetic materials used for the grips are tough & very hard on knife edges(leather cuts a lot easier) & it held its edge all weekend - after the weekend I did run it over Spydee ceramic sticks but not because it needed it. The Rhino blade is small but the size really helps in making fine clean cuts & having super directional control - the cut-out on the top of the blade allows the index finger to be used in exerting pressure at the point better than any other knife in my collection which makes all the difference in the world in making clean neat trim jobs. The handle is big enough to give exceptional control, fits very comfortably in the hand & doesn't cause any irritation in use. The knife does everything I bought it for extremely well & is worth every penny - I got my money's worth!

That was use - now for esthetics & living in the real world: As we all know Lynn's knives are not designed to win beauty contests(Tim Herman can have that market!) and the Rhino is without doubt the least beautiful of them - they are designed as fuctional tools that will give years of valued service, but I found it very interesting that the people who saw the knife reacted very positively to it as opposed to what usually happens when I pull out a knife to work on a grip. Usually people back away when I start trimming a grip but not this past weekend - most came closer to watch & asked questions about the knife - many women thought it was cute(like the user!) and it did start some interesting conversations. It rides well on the belt, doesn't imprint under a shirt(not tucked in) & is convenient to access without attracting undue attention. I will try some other carry options to see which I like best but any way it is carried you would hardly know it was there. The fit & finish were exceptional - everything matched up perfectly, grind lines were even & there were no visible blemishes to be found - as I would expect with a Griffith knife & add to the functionality of it. It is a very different knife from what is "common" but the design is extremely functional for certain kinds of use - it is not a knife that will satisfy all uses but if you need a knife where you will be doing fine detail cutting where control of the point & being able to comfortably apply pressure at the point is paramount I highly recommend you consider this knife. It ain't pretty(cute maybe!) but it does one heck of a good job!

Thanks again!
I have recieved many similar reactions from the MNK, it is refreshing to see non-knife people have a positive reaction. The Pup looks like a nice knife but I would prefer the Sniper in that size I have grown used to the point profile of the MNK.

It sure is nice not to be looked at like a pariah when you pull out a working tool to cut something. I like the Sniper too and for a lot of uses I would prefer it - that's why we have different models. I think the main reason I like the Rhino shape so much is that with the curved cut-out in the spine I can exert forward pressure along with downward pressure without my finger sliding forward onto the point(ouch!). Also the curved blade makes it a great slicer if I need to thin the end of the racquet string to get through a small hole or trim off excess material. For my particular needs it does extremely well & is uniquely suited for those tasks. I have an expert on order so I will be able to compare both shapes in the future.

Have a great Weekend!
Thanks! As a newbie here, Thats the kind of review of a knife that i like to read! Somebody that actually uses the damn thing!
Not just does some silly road test for an hour. That you use it as a Tool in your work, like it (or don't) and explain why makes a good review to me...Barry
When I first read your comment about the cutout on the blade and checked out Lynn's website I missed it in the picture, one of the benefits of working from a B&W monitor. It is clearly seen, even on this system on the blownup picture :

Interesting feature.


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damn! and here i thought i was in the real world. i am sure my knives will cut every bit as good as lynns, and please tell me where its carved in stone that a knife cant be beautiful as well as functional!

i dont design my knives to win beauty contests either
if you think mine arent as good of users, maybe you should buy one and find out
Hey Tim,

Your knives are very, very easy on the eyes, and I'm sure they function flawlessly!!! Hell, they are almost as nice to look at as the photos of the "new" carry options you posted awhile back
!!!!!! Now, if you just made something that I would not have to sell off one of my kids to be able to afford
Sorry about the slow reply - have not had access to a computer for 9 days. Your knives are without a doubt gorgeous, the designs are very functional as a knife should be and I know they will cut every bit as well as anybody's. I also agree with you a knife can be beautiful & functional - I have a lot of them in my collection - the point was I was making was your knives I would use in a situation where they wouldn't get beat up & dinged - they are too nice to let them get knocked around & scratched up - a "Sunday-Go-To-Meeting" knife. Lynn's I wouldn't worry about if they got banged up. And I would love to have one of your knives someday - they are as good as it gets - I just wouldn't get it as an everyday "beater".

Be Happy!