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M-2 steel vs. 154CM

Jan 31, 2000
Is M-2 steel really superior to 154CM or ATS34 for that matter? I like the Benchmade 730 Ares, but everyone seems to think that
M-2 steel is great stuff. What's story about these steels?
In my experience, the only thing ATS-34 beats M-2 at is stainlessness -- ATS-34 is marginally stainless, M-2 is not. On the other hand, Benchmade's M-2 will easily hold an edge as long as ATS-34 (longer, I think), and is much tougher, so you can put on a thinner higher-performance edge without worry about chipping. I think Steve Harvey's M-2 AFCK review might be on the benchmade site, it's worth a read.

For me, the big downside of M-2 is that from most companies, it only comes with a coating. I dislike black coatings.

I've found M2 easier to sharpen, assuiming that the edge is in decent condition. Thinning out the edge bevel was really hard on my Nimravus, but once I did, it takes a pretty decent edge really quickly (only 'pretty decent' because I just got a sharpmaker, and I'm not used to it).

Of course, as Joe said, Benchmade used BT2 on all of their M2 blades, and that stuff scratches quite easily.


BT2 doesn't scratch if you remove it first.

Still no problems with my stripped Nimravus Cub in M2, after about 5 months (including the recent "monsoon" season here in MD). No discoloration, no pitting, no rusting, no corrosion. Minimal care provided, which lately has ceased to include regular lubing of the blade. Yeah, I'll buy that M2 will corrode (it's a given). But, not as bad as I had been led to believe. Heck, not even as bad as my BM ATS-34 (ask me about that some time, I'd love to discuss it).


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