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Mad Dog knives

I need Intensive Care, or at least a beer - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? Thank God (not MAD DOG) for this forum. His knives are good just like many, mmany others - period. Is he a God in his own mind or is it just marketing?




Oct 4, 1998
I don't know. I plead humanity.

Guys, let's not turn this into a Mad Dog attack fest.

Remember, everyone has to take responsibility for their own problems, and I personally want to keep these forums as free of flames as possible.

You have something you want to say about him, good or bad, go for it, but let's keep it as dispassionate as possible, and let's stick to the facts, not hyperbole and invective.

Same goes for anyone else you (hypothetical you) have a problem with. This is a place for information, not attacks.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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One of the main reasons that Mad Dog knives are so popular is because you get alot of knife for the money you pay. But I agree that it can really get on your nerves when people get all defencive over little things when everybody else could care less.

Well maybe what we should be looking at here is the marketing efforts of several companies. Which do you like or not. Who cares about the man behind the product when it is the product I want to carry.

Mad Dog is a passionate and albeit opinionated man just like many in here, myself included.

Let's have fun, but not at the expense of others.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Could you please elaborate(nicely
) as to why or what caused you to post this. I am in the dark as to what caused you to currently feel this way.

One of the reasons the Dogs' knives are as great as they are, is because he is so passionate about them and thank(insert diety of your choice) for that. I feel much better about his views on knife making than I do about the makers that will make ANY design out of ANY material.

This is not a flame against any particular maker(s) at all. I think it is great for all of us that there are so many makers out there so all of us can find the knife that we want.

It is a comfort that, should I ever desire to have "the perfect knife" made, there are some quality makers out there that will do what ever you want. Kevin just doesn't happen to be one of them.

I also happen to feel that Kevins knives are the best "hard use" knives available. Feel free to disagree, but I have not found anything else to compare to the pure perfomance of a Mad Dog knife.

Again, it is Kevins passion that makes the knives what they are.

Take care all,
What freaks some people out, I think, is the different levels of "ego" among the various makers. I don't mean that in negative fashion...people like Mad Dog and Chris Reeve make knives the way THEY want to make them. The only way they can survive in the biz is by being *very*, very good at what they do so that we, the buyers are willing to "go along with their gameplan".

If you have a lot of ideas of your OWN you want to see incorporated into your $300+ knife, dealing with Kevin or Chris is just gonna drive you NUTS. When I designed my own fixed blade and Harald Moeller answered my "request for quote" EMail, in checking out his site (http://www.horn-net.com/hmoeller/) it was obvious he's willing to do a WIDE variety of types, and sure enough he was a joy to collaborate with on The Outsider. As a bonus, his "Big Bear Bowie" uses similar construction principles so I was real certain he could do it. Per Scott Evans of Edgeworks Tactical who's doing it's Kydex sheath in NC, he sure as hell did, and used the term "drooling" in an EMail to me a couple of days ago.

Ernie Mayer of Black Cloud is an interesting balance; he does collaborations with other designers but his own favorite series of fighters (the Bowie/Shortsword/Sharktooth) family have elements that are "pure Ernie", particularly the grip shape.

Whatever. In any case, trying to get Kevin McClung to buy into YOUR ideas of what you want would be, plain and simple, a nightmare unless they mesh very closely with what he's already doing (such as with the Voodoo Child). That's fine. He *does* make one hell of a good knife, his metallurgy is simply unmatchable, and it's a *very* good thing for the industry to have somebody out there putting function so far ahead of cosmetics that it actually makes many of his models more affordable. If he combined those blades with gussied-up looks, even if the functionality was there too I'd never own one.

'Cuz I ain't rich.

Jim March
This is a thread that could very easily turn into a flame war about both the merits of one maker and the merits of two forums. Careful, folks!

An effective salesman has a high opinion of his wares. Mad Dog is an effective salesman, and his knives, by many acounts, cut things quite well. He also has a rather strong personality, and has rubs some people the wrong way. That's all I have to say, except a repetition of "Careful, folks!"
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Well I'll give a little mini review here. Received my first Mad Dog, in fact two of them this week. A Mongoose and a Mirage X Micro, (both new). I have not put them to real "work" yet, these are just my first impressions. I'll start off by saying that the Mongoose was the dullest knife, (I'm not exaggerating here), that I have ever handled. Unacceptible for an expensive knife. It took me 2-3 hours to rebevel it and put a razor sharp edge on it, (started with 25 degrees, then finished it off with 20). Nothing impressive about the knife, it's a simple design but I like simple. Good flat ground utility blade. The handle is nice feeling and "tacky" but I have doubts about it's durability. In fact it's already wearing through, (one side), from just putting it in and out of it's Kydex sheath. I do like the dull grey hard chrome finish. Most people would say very "tactical", but I just think it looks neat. Great Kydex sheaths though. Again simple but effective. I Like cross draw sheaths alot, and this is the thickest Kydex I've seen to date. Now for the X Micro. A neat knife. This one came very sharp and shaves hair, ( thank goodness, because this one looks like it will be a bear to sharpen). Same design as the Mongoose, and same handle material. Looks great with the black blade, and can't wait to put it to use. Something about the "mystique" of this ceramic composite. Came with a nice neck sheath. Again, very simple, and very thick. Are they worth $200.00 and $300.00 respectively? Honestly, to me no, but of course I haven't used them hard yet to test their "legendary" toughness. Maybe I should hold off with that reaction until I do. But if you're looking for fancy and meticulous attention to detail, look elsewhere. These are "hewn out of rock, meant to be used" sort of knives. Again, nothing wrong with that.

I am very suprised with the edge on the Mongoose. I have neve seen anything come out of Kevins shop dull. I guess everybody can have a bad day. You have already reset the blade. No use in sending it back to him now, but I know he would have fixed it.

The Micro can be a bear to re-sharpen IF you don't have the right tools. I have both the 600 and 1200 grit Eze-Lap diamond hones and it wasn't too bad. The down side is I have now spent $110 on hones.
Kevin will re-sharpen the Mirage products for $5. Probably the best bet for most folks.

Gene - can you give more details on the handle wear? Is it just the finish or what?

In the custom knives area we had a thread about MD knives. There I too reported that my first MD, a pATAK2, was received fairly dull...wouldn't even cut paper. I recall on the old forums that someone else also received a dull knife. Kevin said ship it back and he'd sharpen it up. That's okay but a bit of a hassle to say the least.
This kind of thing can happen to any volume maker.

I am the person the received the dull MD posted on the other forums. It turned out to be a
real blessing in disguise. Mr. McClung took the time to go over sharpening techniques and
recommend the proper hones. Four new bench stones and an improved technique were the
result. I finally decided to send the knife back to MD for sharpening. It only seemed fair
after posting the dull issue on the forums. Kevin researched the history of my knife. It was
purposely dulled by a dealer for a show and then hastily put in storage. A year later it was
traded to the dealer I purchased it from. In my case, the dull blade was a comedy of errors,
none of which were attributed to MAD DOG Knives.

The grip on my Operator is worn slightly from sheath wear. According to Shannon Lew,
this will happen as the grip material is softer than the sheath. It is the best material Mr.
McClung could find for the job. Should your grip wear be excessive, it can be replaced for a
small fee. I spread the sheath slightly with my thumb now when withdrawing and inserting
the knife and the wear has stopped.

For my time and money, MAD DOG knives and service are as good as it gets.
Colin brings up a good point. All of the knives that people have mentioned that have been too dull for their liking, have been "older" knives. The Mongoose (Mongeese?) have not been produced for quite some time. Really, if you do not have a Mirage or one of the Rats, you have a knife, although new to you, that could be a few years old and even had a few owners.

I recently saw a prototype TUSK that appeared to be in new condition. Upon speaking with Kevin about the knife, I learned that not only was it used, but it had been used hard as all of the protos were loaned to the Marines for testing.

I guess (in the longest possible way
) I am saying that the dullness experienced could be due to the # of hands that have been laid upon it before it reached it's final destination.

Take care all,
To All:

I am quite sorry if my brief comment was interpetated as a flame. I have had Mad Dog knives in the past and have recently sold a prototype that a purchased almost ten years ago. I found the knife extremely well made with a perfect, from a design and execution stand-point, sheath. The design of the knife itself was lacking, IMHO, which is not surprising in a proto-type. I admire and respect the skill and ability of Kevin. What I don't like is his practice of ridicule, such as the in case of his comments regarding a well known writer on knives and comments made to a very frustrated owner of one of his knives who tried repeatedly, over months, to contact MD him and got no response
In frustration, and wrongly I think, he publically asked Kevin, on another forum, to at least give him is knife back. There is certainly the possiblity that the owner was lying. I don't think so based upon past posts from this person which were unfailingly polite. I compare Kevin's response to Anne & Chris Reeves response to a possible problem with their Sebenza's and I find Mad Dog sadly lacking. I will always like Mad Dog knives and might purchase more but as a consumer I don't think it wrong other consumers know exactly what they are buying and who they are buying from.


In response:

It's not his products I object to, its the adulation and fanatical respect he receives on that otherwise decent forum. Its absurd. Disagree with Mad Dog on anything and you've invited an attack by his wolfpack.

And he is rather opinionated (and loud about his opinions) to be a MODERATOR, don't you think? With his personality, him being a moderator is actually kind of funny. If you disagree with me here, one of us has got a loose screw.

Mad Dog (and isbusiness partners) have dished it out and not given a darn about other people's feelings or thoughts. This modest thread is peanuts compared to what he's doneand I doubt he would lose sleep over it. I just wanted to thank you for setting up a web where ANYBODY can be praised or criticised (no favoritism; no business relationships muddying the waters). Once again, I'm not attacking his products (which are good), just his hurting of other people and general disservice to knifemakers and collectors. If her were not a moderator, I would not have started this thread. His still being a moderator speaks volumes.

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