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Mad Dog Rat Thing

Oct 3, 1998
Can anyone tell me about this knife? I know that Mad Dog Knives have an excellent reputation, but have never seen one except in pictures.

Head over to tacticalforums.com. Maddog's forum is there. If you want to learn about their knives go there.
The Rat Thing is a 4.5 inch knife with a straight clip blade and partial false edge which can be sharpened. Made of selectively tempered 3/16" thick O-1 steel, with a tang fully enclosed in a fiber glass-epoxy composite handle. It is a great design.

What else would you like to know?
The Rat Thing is an excellent design in a mid-size utility knife. One of my favorite of Mad Dog's designs, for sure. There are pictures around, I think Shannon Lew usually has some, does anyone remember the URL?

Rat Thing...... Excellent little knife!

Here is the short to Shannon Lew's site: http://www.mdenterprise.com/index.html

And by the way.......Shannon is a great guy to deal with ! ! !

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