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Mad Dog Wild Thing

Dec 18, 1998
I just received my 1/4" WT yesterday. I must admit that I was becoming quite skeptical about my order given all the controversy regarding MD knives.

Well, I feel compelled to let all of you know this knife is really and truly quite beautiful. It is not a dress knife, so it is finished in a tactical style, but the design, feel, and heft are superb. I must admit, I was taken by surprise (this is my first MD)!

Since I just got it, i haven't been able to test it but I have been playing around with it and it maneuvers very nicely. I don't intend to do any pull ups with this knife, nor do intend to smash it into who knows what. I don't perform these extreme tests on my other knives so why should I start on this one? By the way, I am an owner of Emerson customs, JSP, RJ Martin Knives, Busse custom, Lightfoot, Terzuola, Polkowskis, CR Sebenza, Doziers etc. All top of the line tactical customs. My new Wild Thing ranks among the best of these knives. I am actually now interested in a Panther, it must be even more impressive than the WT!

Way more. The Wild Thing is a well made knife, but a standard model. The Panthers are Mad Dog's babies. Prepare to be impressed.
Isn't it sweeeeeet???

I have many of the same knives you mentioned and the Mad Dog line is superior IMHO.

The Panther will blow you away but is in a different class than the WT. It is a true full size fighter. I just got mine last week (my 6th Mad Dog) and it will never leave my posession.

If you like mid size fighters like the WT, you have to get a Voodoo Child. Very quick like the WT and extremely sexy! I am having a static cord sheath being made by Kevin as we speak for my VDC and can't wait to get it back in my hands.