Made a paracord belt carrier for the War Hawk

Dec 7, 2019
I got this design from the Weavers of Eternity YouTube channel, specifically the video about making a flashlight holster. Tim makes great tutorials. I simply skipped the step of gutting the paracord, since that would weaken structural integrity, and made the basket wider to accomodate the axe handle.



I found that one belt loop is sufficient for my purposes, but you could squeeze in another one for added stability.


As for how it carries, the axe sways a bit but otherwise feels secure in the belt. The axe does move around slightly when I walk, kind of like a dangler carry setup for big blades if that makes sense. For safety purposes, I would never use any sort of belt carry unless my axe had a sheath or some kind of sturdy covering. Having a naked blade on your hip is not a good idea.


It’s not perfect, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out.