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Nov 8, 1998
I have been in touch with Mel's friend in Minnesota and he is trying to contact a couple of customers........Mel's last knife is at hand and there is a partially completed LARGE blade which is not completed and does not have a handle.
Please email me for details of a means of contact with Mel's friend

Brian W E
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I believe they just want the people who ordered them to receive their knives.
I do not know what the financial arrangements will be.
Actually, I think I have located the person who ordered the finished knife.

Brian WE
Thanks Brian. Mel was working on a large knife for me. I hope it is the one you referred to. I've e-mailed you for contact information.

In recent correspondence with Mel he mentioned that he had been laid up with what he thought was a virus, but he thought he was coming out of it.

Mel spent his time here well. I hope I can remember to spend mine as well as he did.
Oh. That makes sense. On that unfinished one, i cannot grind or heat treat blades, but I would be more than happy to finish the handles and blade if someone would like me to do it for them. True to Madpoet spirit I would use cocobolo or some curly koa I have. I would just ask compensation for shipping charges, as the finished product would be a tribute to our friend. Let me know...

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I just read this sad news today and am shocked. I don't know Mel in person but we chatted via emails a few times. He was a real nice person. He often answered my questions in rec.knives. We talked about how boring it was to wait for Benchmade Axis at that time. (And later he told me he was disappointed in the grinding of the Axis blade so he sold it.)

I thought of him more like a friend than a knifemaker. I will surely miss him.

In July I was interested in a 3V camp knife shown on his website named as "The Edge." I asked him to make a 10" blade for me. I will email you the detail. Don't know the progress of this knife. If it's partially completed I agree to pay the balance. But if he had not started it, no need to arrange a deposit refund to me. I would like to give it to his family.


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