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Mag Solitaire vs Photon2

Nov 12, 1998
I've got a mag-lite solitaire (ie AAA mag-lite), and I just ordered a White Photon Mini-Light 2.

Should I carry both, or generally stick to one?

What situations is one advantageous to the other?

=- Dan
Probably the battery life of the Photon makes it better. But the Mag light is waterproof, but probably not as bright.
You will be very happy with just the Photon II on your keychain. You won't even notice it's there until you need it. I replaced my keychain Solitaire with a white Photon II. It's much brighter and I don't have to change batteries so often. In fact, I've never changed the battery in my Photon yet. I had to change batteries in my Solitaire at least once a month. The Photon is a great light, you will like it.

Have fun,
I got two Photon IIs , red and blue at the gun show this weekend. These things are great. Put out lots off light for there size and small and lite. Don't even know they are on your keychain. One thing though, I'm going to get a white one. Every try to tell what color a wire is with a blue light?? THe red works great to maintain dark adapted eyesight.
I also have a mag-lite solitaire on my key chain and was wondering about getting a Photon. My main hesitation was wondering if the Photon's light output would come anywhere near that of the single AAA mag-lite . The LED technology used in a Photon should be more efficient (at a given current drain from the battery) than the incandescent technology in the mag-lite, but I thought the incandescent mag-lite would be much brighter due to a higher battery current draw (at the expense of battery life). Does the Photon cast comparable or greater light than the mag-lite? If yes, is this only true of the white? Any comments on the yellow or other recommendations?

Best Regards, Todd
Incandesent light sources are horribly inefficent. Just as a test, compare the light output of a 60 watt incandesent light bulb with theat of a 60 watt florecsent.
I have both the solitare and photons. I guess I should say I had a solitare. I have a turquoise and a green, and IMHO they are both brighter than the solitare. It's hard to compare a light that lasts 7-8 days continious to one that's lucky to last 7-8 hours. They say that the turquoise lasts around 14 hours, but that's still better and a hell of a lot brighter than the solitare.
To me they're like remote control and air conditioning. Once you have it, you wonder what you ever did without it.

My wife keeps her Solitaire on her key chain to help her find her keys in her purse. She uses the Photon II for light!


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Anyone else see the ad for Moteng in the new "Blade" magazine. They had a picture of the new ASP Sapphire lights.
The Solitaire makes a better spot light and has better penetration but the Photon II white light I have does everything else better.

Its output is more uniform, can be seen from further away, lasts longer, covers a wider angle, is much lighter (so its much less likely to break), is easier to turn on/off, and is much easier to carry due to the clip.

Plus its just cooler

Okay, I'm sold.
Where is a good place to purchase a Photon?
Thanks in advance.


Best place is http://www.littleriver.datasys.net/
Frank Norman is great to deal with and his prices are bargains!

I agree with Bob. I just got a white Photon from Frank (along with a Spyderco Moran) and his service was exceptional. He worked with me to get the most suitable shipping method and even threw in something extra because he was two days late sending the parcel.

BTW I offered my wife a Photon when I was writing the order, but she declined saying she wouldn't use it. Now she has seen it she's spitting chips so I will have to order one for her especially. The moral is: "If you get one, get six", because everyone you show it to will want one.