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Magnum Knifes?

Apr 16, 1999
I was going through this boker catalog and then I find Magnum knifes is this a company that is in conjunction with boker? Magnum is one of the companys that makes a lot of knock off knifes.
Apparently Boker has decided that if they can't beat them they'll join them or even become them. However . . . Don't expect Boker to be amused if they hear you're bringing in a crate full of Toplock knock-offs, and G*d help you if they have coil springs.

well I don't get it it is like you can make fun of them but you cannot make fun of me.
or you don't see spyderco suing them or making knockoff top locks because Magnum is making knock off spyderco knifes.

by the way they are also making knock off benchmades as well

Magnum is in the same garbage class as Master, Fury, Jaguar, and others. They are probably not a company at all, just a distributor that has knives produced in a variety of factories all stamped with one logo. Half of their designs are stolen, and the other half are just bad. Why Boker shares a US distributor with these knives is a huge mystery to me... but since Boker set up their plant in Argentina, I admit the quality gap bewteen the two lines has narrowed substantially

Magnum knives... let's not speak of them again


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Timmy -- I am genuinely curious as to why you regularly ask question about cheap/inexpensive knives?
I think low-buck knives should be discussed more on these forums. Not all of us are wealthy; I suspect many members are poor students and paying hundreds of dollars for a knife just isn't an option for them -- you can tell them good knives are a good investment until you're blue in the face, but if they don't have the money they can't invest it. I'm always looking for knives I can recommend to people who can't afford anything expensive ... there are some low-buck knives worth buying but it's hard to find them in display cases full of junk. The best buys in low-buck knives usually don't duplicate the look of a more expensive knife; those knock-offs tend to be rip-offs. There are some puukkos that are very good value for the money, the Outdoor Edge Wedge, the Gigand Mosquito ...

-Cougar Allen :{)