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Oct 2, 1998
Today a spanking new Benchmade Model 44 Balisong (tanto/plain edge) made its way into my possession courtesy of Brian Skelton of Discount Knives and

Let this be a lesson to you lurkers out there that all you need to do is register and post so you can have an opportunity to win as well.

I love the knife as it is the first of its kind I have ever owned. It is addictive and demands to be played with. Hopefully, at some not too distant date, I will be able to manipulate it with style. Right now, I'll settle for manipulating it safely.

Thanks guys, you made my day.


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We're glad to hear that you like your knife, Blues, and hope that enjoy it's use!

Let us know if you can ever learn to open it without impaling yourself...

I've been messing around with various Balisongs around the office here lately, and I'm thinking I'll have to get one for myself now....

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Yeah Blues they're great. Recommend you get
the Micheal Jannich video from Paladin
Press to learn the openings. (That's how I learned, fascinating video to watch.) By the way, I practised without taping the blade, helps you concentrate.

Oh yeah congratulations!

Wanted to mention something. These are
Batonga style bali's meaning the latch is
attached to the unsafe handle. As you probably know, the closing movements are the same as the opening movements. When you close it you must swing the handle with the latch
correctly or the latch may stay folded under the handle which may damage the blade edge.

Hi Blues !
Let's be sure to post in the final hours of the month (because we never post anytime else
) as people with names starting with "B" seem to have a run on luck.

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Thanks for the advice.


Shhhh, the fix is in!


Live Free or Die


Glad you like your new toy. I have been playing with butterflies for years and if you get a chance learn the ice pick maneuver. It is the fastest way to open the knife. Not as pretty but it makes people say "whoooaaa how did you do that?".

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