Marble.s Pocket knives

Jul 24, 1999
New here and have a question. I purchased a Marble,s pocketknife from a dealer and would just like a little info. This is a new knife, and has the Marble's tang stamp but has Germany on the main blade. When I purchased the knife I was told it was genuine ivory but when it arrived it is ivory micarta. I know I should have done this research before but sometimes I do before I think!! Is Marble's making their own pocket knives or are the contracting out? Any info would be great, thanks.

The rights to use Marble's trademark are/were also owned by Jim Parker (Parker KCS) of Chattanooga TN. In 1992, he had several models made by Olbertz of Germany that are marked "Marbles" and usually have "Germany" marked in black ink (so it can later be easily removed?). One of these imports was a copy of the Marbles Safety Hunter. There may have been a few from Japan as well, but I'm not sure about that. Most of these knives are inexpensive and the quality is not bad at all for the money. I'm pretty sure that the Marble's of Gladstone MI hasn't made a folder since the 1940's.

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