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Marine Tuff Cote... and edible lubes again

First my question about Marine Tuff Cote. How many times can you "refresh" it with mineral spirits before there is just no more product?

I have read with great interest the edible protectants threads. Are not silicone lubes used in the food service industries? Also, where can I find the outstanding wax-based protectants? My military gets used for food, so it doesn't get Tetraguned or Brownell's action lubed, but the swamp cooler air in my house causes the 440v to rust in my pocket.

thanks in advance,

Feb 20, 1999
Oh no.. not edible lubes again! LOL!!!

Because of that recent thread, I decided to put myself up as a guinea pig, and ingested food that's been cut up with a knife coated with Tuf-Glide (that's as liquid as it can get on the Sentry products). So far I'm still typing (did i notice an increase in typing speed?? hehehe).

The best thing to replenish your tuff cloth with is sentry's own tuff glide. about 5 drops will do it on a dead cloth.

The best "edible" lubricant/protectant ive found is Pam cooking spray.