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Jan 24, 2000
i have been looking on the forums and have not been able to find any info on the MOD knives.i looked at their homepage and the knives look and sound well made by the listed components.i would like to hear from anyone who would have info about them.
The MOD knives are well made. I have a Hornet and a Trident and find myself carrying the Hornet quite a bit. The only problem I have had with them as that they were extremely dull right out of the box. (I'm beginning to tire of manufacturers that can't ship a reasonably sharp knife.

I had a MOD Trident that was a great knife except for one thing - the lock failed the spine-whack test every single time I tried it. Other Tridents that I've seen all had the exact same problem.

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I must have gotten lucky. I have a trident that locks solid everytime, came very shap out of the box and I consider it be an excellent user.

You may need to hand select one to make sure it is a good one.
Radman: I did a search on the 1st year and found several post on the MoD knives. The posts put me off buying one.

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The MOD knives (also applies to MicroTech), are way too
expensive. Not that I'd have too little money, but
they're IMO not worth it unless you absolutely
need a knife made to the tolerances of a benchrest
precision rifle.

I prefer a good 'ole Emerson CQC-7.
I owned the Ayoob Razorback, and was very disappointed. Don't buy one if you actually want to cut or slice anything with it. Piercing is the only thing it could do well. The fit and finish was very good though, especially the sheath. The blade is just too thick and narrow.

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Radman...I just reviewed my new MOD DIETER on the KFC forum on "knife reviews" I posted it 3/7, when this forum was down or unavailable. If I knew how, I would import to this forum, b/c I type tooooooooo slowly to re-post here. Bottom line, well built, costly, and special purpose that I think has good crossover utility for non-law enforcement, non- military types. It is less than 7 days in my possession, so as it ages and gets used, I plan to update my views. be well...